Dynamometers aren’t something that you typically think of as needing to be aesthetically pleasing, but DYNOCOM has brought a full lineup of new dynos to the SEMA Show that not only look great with a polished stainless steel finish, but offer unmatched portability with offerings that can handle virtually anything you’d ever wish to throw at them. While many dynos focus on horsepower, DYNOCOM’s units are more directed at torque – each unit is rated by torque load rather than the standard horsepower variable.

The DC-POD is a revolutionary on-vehicle, portable dyno that is much different from the standard rolling chassis dyno. The POD bolts up directly to the wheel hub, eliminating the the frictional drag forces that are present with tire to roll contact area and downward restraining force variations due to differences in ratchet strap hookups in conventional rolling dynos. These use hydraulic brakes to apply load and are usually low in intertia.

The 5000 Series, as the name implies, is rated up to 5,000 ft-lbs of torque in a portable design that can be installed in your shop both above ground or in a pit, with portabilty very much a key element of its design. The 5000 Series can also be turned into an all-wheel-drive setup, with two units connected into one dynamometer. This unit also uses high quality FRENELSA eddy brakes, recognized as the strongest and longest-lasting retarders in the world.

Finally, the 7500 Series, which is rated at 7,500 ft-lbs and to speeds over 200 MPH, represents DYNOCOM’s top-of-the-line setup than you’ll have one heck of a time ever approaching the load capacity on. This one uses DYNOCOM’s own patented eddy brake design, and sports three fans running at 1,100 CFM for proper cooling. It features an industry standard 24-inch roll, which obviously increases it’s size and portability but generates a more accurate dyno reading.

One of the most interesting new features of the DYNOCOM units can be found in the software, where one can engage in real-time, head-to-head dynamometer 3D racing simulations over the internet in their vehicle against an opponent also using one of DYNOCOM’s units in the very same garage or clear across the country.

These sleek, strong, and portable units are also comparably affordable, priced at under $20,000.