Back in August, we shared with you the early details on Centerforce Clutch’s new 2011 5.0L Mustang project that was under way, to be unveiled at SEMA. After it’s display in the Centerforce booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center, would then head to the Barrett-Jackson Auction, where it would be auctioned and the proceeds donated to the Bennett Foundation, which offers assistance to families with premature or ailing newborn children.

Following three months of intense work to form the car to the vision at hand, visitors at SEMA finally got a chance to take a look at the final product up close and personal, and what a killer ride it is! Nicknamed “Izabelle,” this 2011 GT is the work of Auto Art Studios in Arizona, located just around the corner from the Centerforce facility.

Under the hood is a stock, factory 5.0L engine sporting a Kenne Bell supercharger unit, with a direct port NOS nitrous kit ported into the intake manifold. The guys at Centerforce have yet to dyno the car, so approximate numbers will have to wait for now. The boosted Five-Oh powerplant is backed by Centerforce’s new DYAD Twin-Disc Clutch, while the rest of the drivetrain remains completely stock.

Underneath, Izabelle rides on Eibach springs on all four corners, with custom, brushed-face Budkink wheels, measuring 20-inches in the front and 22-inch in the rear, with aluminum Baer brakes giving it superior stopping power. also, the rear end has been narrowed by 3-inches to allow for a larger, wider set of rear wheels and tires.

The exterior of the car is truly stunning, with a brushed aluminum-appearing set of racing stripes, with a subtle, multicolor sceme adorning the hood that changes colors depending on how you view it. A full Cervini body kit wraps all the way around the car, with the rear section molded into the rocker panel to give it a sleek look. Cervini’s side-exit exhaust also adds a great element to the look and stance.