When it comes to driving your hot rod, musclecar or performance vehicle, it’s not just what’s under the hood that’s important. In fact, without a performance clutch behind your engine, your car’s performance is not as good as it could be, no matter how much horsepower you put to the ground. Mantic Clutch recognizes this and with over 50 years of expertise, they’ve come up with a variety of performance clutches to suit your every performance need.

Based out of Thomastown, Victoria Australia, Mantic Clutch is one of the premiere clutch designers and distributors in the world, servicing nearly every continent with over 40 distributors world wide - nine of which are right here in the United States. But it’s not just the places that Mantic Clutch services that makes the company a distinguished part of the automotive market. Rather, it’s also the innovative performance products they sell.

With optimum performance in mind, Mantic Clutch has come up with a variety of clutches for many performance applications, including those needing up to 1010 lbs/ft of torque drive capability. Whether you’re looking for a clutch for your dragstrip queen, street and strip machine or just a street cruiser, Mantic Clutch has you covered, offering 9000, 7000 and 5000 series clutches (in Track or Plus varieties) as well as Street and 4WD clutches, flywheels and other clutch components like hydraulic releases and concentric slave cylinders for certain vehicles. Each clutch that Mantic offers is built with your performance car in mind.

In addition to superior clutches, Mantic offers innovative designs for their clutches, including the Mantic MOI (Moment of Inertia) Plus design, which does away with extra material on the clutch’s cover, pressure plate and intermediate plates, which reduces weight and MOI. Mantic also offers clutches with their ER2 new design concept, which is a special grooved design CNC machined to the friction face of the pressure plate which increases the Mean Effective Radius (which can increase torque capacity by up to 8 percent) and help in heat removal. Through these designs, Mantic Clutch not only gives you superior performance clutches, but also components that will work better, last longer and give you more torque to the ground.

There are plenty of performance clutches to choose from, so why not inform yourself about all of your options? With Mantic Clutch products, you definitely won’t be disappointed.