We have seen the Cobra Jet intake pick up more than 20 horsepower over the BOSS 302 with no torque loss. – Jesse Kershaw

Ford Racing has saved some exciting news for PRI in the way of new crate engines and a new Coyote intake manifold. Starting with the intake manifold, the Cobra Jet intake has been a hot buzz since it was first previewed at last year’s SEMA show atop the high compression Cobra Jet engine on display. Finally after a long-awaited year, we got a glimpse of the production version (that goes on sale in about two weeks). “We have seen the Cobra Jet intake pick up more than 20 horsepower over the BOSS 302 with no torque loss,” said Jesse Kershaw of Ford Racing.

While the intake manifold is designed for the maximum 7,700rpm limit of a traditional Coyote (which can be extended to 8,100rpm with the updated ignition pulse ring), it also utilizes the oval-style throttle body design found on the GT500 and Cobra Jet. This means you’re going to need to fabricate your own intake pipe until aftermarket intake manufactures catch up.

Ford Racing has also one-uped their Coyote Aluminator lineup with the new Aluminator XS crate engine. The 5.0-liter Aluminator XS features a similar short block to the standard high compression Aluminator engine, but with an enhanced drivetrain and induction system. Topped with the new Cobra Jet intake and throttle body, the XS comes with Cobra Jet cams – intake 13mm lift / 263 degree duration (12mm lift and 260 degree duration on Mustang GT) and exhaust 13mm lift/290° duration (stock 11MM/263° duration). Supporting the increased lift is a set BOSS 302 valve springs. Also included is a 12-quart oil pan, billet oil pump gears, and high RPM pulse ring. The new XS produces more than 500 horsepower and the capability of 8,100 rpm.

For all you pushrod fans, Ford Racing has introduced a behemoth 460ci small block mill that will produce 575hp and 560 lb/ft of torque. Click on the overview photo for the complete specs.