Motor oil is motor oil, right? Yeah, we already know the answer to that one. How about, “All synthetics are the same, just with a couple of additives, right?” Nope, wrong again.

We’re big believers in Royal Purple‘s line of 100-percent synthetic oils and lubricants. And while other synthetics or blends start with somebody else’s products and merely “add to them,” Royal Purple’s synthetic oils are uniquely theirs, down to the last drop.

Now for 2012, Royal Purple is offering a cool new street machine line designed for high performance late models (no longer under warranty) or rip snortin’ classics looking to maximize their gasoline or diesel engines’ performance and longevity. Using Royal Purple’s Synerlec, engine bearings and cylinder walls see less wear while piston rings achieve better sealing. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the extended oil life - meaning less frequent oil changes.

The new HPS line is uniquely formulated with a high zinc/phosphorus anti-wear additive which is great for engines with high lift/duration roller and flat-tappet cams and aggressive valvetrains. If you’re looking for a perpetual Fountain of Youth for your engine’s innards, look for the purple bottle.