Literally, every free space in and among the Precision Turbo booth was chalked full of its high-tech turbochargers. If you aren’t familiar with Precision Turbo & Engine, they’ve been a leader in the turbocharger technology for street and race applications. PTE offers a complete line of replacement, upgrade and custom turbochargers featuring the exclusive CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) compressor and turbine wheels.

Additionally, PTE manufactures its own line of intercoolers, boost control products, electronic fuel injectors, and is a top distributor for stand-alone engine management systems and fuel systems components. On tap for this year, PTE brought to the floor their new CEA Turbine Wheels, Entry level turbochargers, blow-off valves, and stainless steel v-band housings.

CEA Turbine Wheels

Specifically engineered with the performance enthusiasts in mind, PTE’s CEA high-flow turbine wheels produce an average increase of 20-45 horsepower over comparably-sized standard designs. Also, spool up time is considerably decreased with the CEA turbine wheels.

Entry Level Turbochargers

With available horsepower levels ranging from mid-300 to almost 1,000, PTE’s Entry Level Turbochargers are a great option for racers who want a high-quality product without having to break the bank

Blow-Off Valves

PTE’s all-new blow-off valves are available in both 52mm and 66mm configurations to meet your specific needs. Revolutionary design, these units break the mold when it comes to BOV technology and performance. These new valves provide exceptional flow and are extremely tunable.

Stainless Steel V-Band Housings

PTE’s stainless steel T3 & T4 V-band inlet/outlet turbine housings are the latest in high-performance turbo technology. With a V-band inlet and outlet for easy installation and removal, the T3-style fits PTE’s 58mm, 62mm, and 66mm CEA turbine wheels while the T4-style fits PTE’s 66mm, 68mm, and 75mm turbine wheels.