At the 2011 PRI show, Powermaster rolled out a bunch of new hardware for late-model V8 cars, covering applications for both Blue Oval and Bowtie aficionados. Powermaster offers a wide range of different LS alternators, from designs that are true high-capacity bolt in replacements for the wimpy stock parts, to custom solutions like side post and 1-wire alternators for guys looking to solve problems encountered during an engine swap.

Powermaster's 38242 alternator delivers 150 amps and incorporates the air scoop that makes it a direct replacement for 98-02 F-Bodies.

Powermaster’s new XS Torque starter for LS engines features their InfiCLOCK system that allows you to precisely adjust the position of the starter body in relation to the engine block. While other starters only allow movement in half-inch increments (and often end up being just a hair off of where you’d really like them to be), the InfiCLOCK mount is truly infinitely clockable, making room for headers that otherwise would have to be modified to fit.

Powermaster provides a "proof of performance" tag like the one on this Yukon/Tahoe alternator to show that the piece has passed quality control testing by an actual human being.

5.0 Coyote Ford owners will be happy to see Powermaster’s new starter for their application – no matter what kind of compression or cam you’re running, this starter has the oomph to get it spinning.

Powermaster's 9532 starter for Coyote Mustangs (foreground) and 9509 for LS engines share the same guts, but differ in their mounting configurations. Both will spin engines running up to 18:1 compression ratio.