9:1-14:1 Complete 5.0 Engines

Not only does Livernois manufacture and machine parts, they also build engines.  You can buy low or high compression engines offered in short and long block configurations. Livernois offers their own custom rotating assemblies and valvetrain parts, as well as CNC head porting!

Livernois Motorsports, owned by ADRL Extreme 10.5 champion Dan Millen, has been on a tare to produce a vast array of parts for the new 2011 Mustang 5.0 engine as well as the Raptor 6.2L.

First up are Livernois’ exclusive main bearing cap and head stud kits for the aforementioned engines. Manufactured by ARP exclusively for Livernois Motorsports, these studs are a must have when building any high horsepower application. The kit includes studs made from ARP 2000 material, nuts, washers and special adapter for the oil pick up tube. Black oxide finish for corrosion resistance. The head studs are made from 8740 alloy and are again a perfect upgrade to the factory TTY bolts.

• Provide even clamping and loading, can be retorqued over and over
• Cold forged to ensure molecular integrity
• Heat treated prior to thread rolling and machining
• Rated at 190,000 psi
• Complete with ARP nuts and hardened parallel washers

Next up is their oil pump drive gears for the 5.0.  Under higher horsepower applications, the factory oil pump gears can sometimes be prone to failure, while the rest of the pump seems to be problem free.  To combat that problem, Livernois manufactures new billet oil pump gears that are direct replacement for the OEM counterparts.

• Upgraded to resist the shatter-prone stock gears.
• Computer controlled precision surface ground to perfection
• All parts hand deburred and finished
• All tolerances measured and blueprinted to verify pieces are within +/- .0005″