Some have said that for every pound you can remove from a vehicle’s rotating weight can equate to remove seven pounds from the chassis.  While a vented rotor does serve its purpose in many facets of racing, drag racing isn’t a place where it is required, thus going to a plate rotor is the first step to dramatically reducing the rotating weight of a braking system, and that is exactly what Moser Engineering has done with their new race rear brake system.

Beginning with the caliper, Moser designed a competition race series four piston aluminum anodized forged billet caliper made of 6061 T6 billet aluminum instead of cast. Stainless steel piston and Teflon coated one piece bleeder screws are included in the design with dual crossover ports for quicker fluid release on the outboard pistons.

The kit ships with Hawk pads while the rotor/hat design features a two piece keyed, slotted and drilled rotor.  This is combined with a hat that utilizes a spiral retaining ring to help allow for more radial growing during high temperature cycles.  The entire Moser brake package stems from four years of R&D and track testing.

• Competition race series 4-piston aluminum rear brake kit
• Race ready, track tested
• Calipers are constructed from 6061 T6 billet aluminum
• Dual pad pin design with o-rings to eliminate pad chatter
• Kit includes two calipers, pad pins, one set of pads, mounting brackets, billet aluminum hats, and 3/8″ drilled rotors