Here’s a stat for you: Moroso says they’ve added more than 135 new products to their catalog for 2012, and the printed version is already as thick as the Henderson, Nevada white pages (ProTip: If you were born after 1990, the “white pages” was a way to convert forests into overflowing landfills via an outdated-the-moment-it-was-printed list of phone numbers). If you’re building a car for the street, road course, or dragstrip, chances are better than ever that Moroso’s got something in their inventory that will make you faster or at least save you some trouble in the shop.

Take that electric water pump above, for example – it’s the newly revised piece for small block Ford applications. Their previous version was good, drawing just 7 amps and pumping up to 21% more water in the real world than competing units, according to Moroso. How do you make it better? Lighten it up, of course, and make it so you can clock the outlet!

Moroso's air/oil separators are available in both application-specific versions for popular cars like the 5th Gen Camaro and late model Mustangs, but in 'universal' designs as well. These separators plumb into the PCV system and capture oil mist and crankcase vapors before they can make their way back into the intake, while still keeping the advantages of drawing a slight vacuum on the crankcase.

Moroso also offers fabricated coolant overflow tanks and fusebox/ABS unit covers for a wide range of late model cars.

The new tri-lobe dry sump pumps from Moroso (silver finish) offer important advantages over the previous design (on the right), which itself was an upgrade from the pump that came before. “Good enough” rarely is when it comes to racing, and Moroso constantly seeks to improve their products whenever possible.

Tri-Lobe Pump Features:

  • Tri-lobe aluminum scavenge sections featuring individual timing gears to ensure proper clearance at the highest RPM’s
  • Spur gear pressure section based off Moroso’s highly successful billet wet sump pump design
  • Variable spring rates optimize your oil pressure for smooth, reliable oil pressure readings
  • Multiple #16 scavange outlet options for increased flow back to your dry sump tank and/or fitment requirement on your application
  • Pump weighs almost half of gerotor pumps, and takes up to 40% less power to drive
  • Custom pressure section sizes for increased efficiency with different pump speeds
  • Door car and dragster brackets available, includes all necessary fittings

The additions in Moroso's catalog aren't limited to high-dollar items either - customers asked 'what lug nuts should I run with your lugs?' so Moroso added that product to their offerings. Same deal with these terminal boots for master disconnect switches. They're required by many sanctions, and now you can get them from the same source as all your other Moroso parts.

We’re just scratching the surface here, so be sure to visit Moroso’s new products page to see all the fresh goodness…