Like the racers they serve, wheel manufacturers are in constant competition to improve their products, offer new features, and try to stay ahead of the pack. Forgeline, makers of the rolling stock found on some of the fastest cars on the planet, know this very well, and they’re always looking for ways to improve existing products and find new solutions to needs on and off the track.

A case in point is the GA1R one-piece forged wheel shown above: While Forgeline’s three-piece competition wheels are very light and very stiff, a one-piece forging has some advantages in strength and stiffness. The monoblock forging and I-beam profile spokes make for exceptional strength and light weight.

Forgeline’s ‘dual pattern’ Porsche wheels are another good example; some sanctions allow a center lock style wheel, while others require conventional 5-bolt hubs. A racer who wants to run in both no longer needs to buy two sets of wheels with these new three-piece hoops. Forgeline is tuned in to the need of their customers, finding fixes to unusual problems you’d never consider unless you were elbow-deep in an endurance race, looking to get your car back into the fray after damaging a wheel. Normally, three piece wheels are sealed with RTV or a similar substance, and while their construction allows the replacement of a bent or broken shell on an intact hub, the drying time required before putting the wheel back into service made mid-race fixes impractical.

Forgeline’s optional aluminum seal plate incorporates a reusable rubber gasket that allows for fast and reliable repairs – not something that you’d ever even consider unless you found yourself needing it, but potentially the difference between finishing a race and retiring for an endurance racing team.

Don't forget that Forgeline also has a lot to offer for street drivers, including a wide range of finishes and designs including new "deep dish" styles.