These days, with performance numbers eclipsing four digits marks, slowing down is just as important is getting up to speed. Moreover, having the ability to brake later with more confidence before entering a turn allows the driver to increase the distance in the competing field. This translates into faster laps times since the driver can apply throttle sooner, with more precision.

At Performance Friction Brakes (PFB), they’ve built a philosophy surrounding the concept of, “No Compromises.” According to PFB, its a mindset, an attitude, and a commitment that sets standards, outperforms, outlasts, surpasses, and even breaks records. It’s the racers spirit embodied in the very components it relies on to win races.

It’s proof that PFB isn’t just a high-tech product, it’s a mentality. If you’re unaware of PFB, their passion is their product. It shows, too, as they deliver innovative products to the market that flat-out out perform the competition. They’ve got the proof, too. PFB has racked up 47 different driver championships! Everything from Oval racers like Tony Stewart to Road Racing like Scott Pruett, those vehicles were equipped with PFB products.

PFB’s newest wild child is their ZR43 Zero Drag Caliper system. As with any racing component or part, drag is the arch enemy of speed. Eliminate drag, eliminate heat and wear, and you’ve got a braking system they’ll get you to the finish line, first. What PFB did was design a Zero Drag Caliper System using a patented pad retraction system that retracts the pad from the rotor, thus eliminating all drag.

Eliminating drag from the equation lets the car roll freely down the track all while reducing brake temperatures. Utilizing the pad retraction system, it was designed using two shoulder bolts, a pressed collar and a Bellville spring. The spring is then squeezed between the collar and the caliper body under braking.

The caliper also has a self-adjusting system which, over time, produces the same level of pedal travel throughout the life of the brake pads. In addition, the brake timing can be adjusted to allow the front brake assembly to engage prior to the rear, in order to eliminate loose conditions under braking. Not only does the ZR43 produce better grip but creates more equal temperatures between the front and rear brakes by creating a more equal brake bias.