In nearly every series and category of drag racing where turbocharged engine combinations are permitted to compete, a set of regulations is in place regarding both the impeller diameter and the housing size to limit the overall performance of the race car. With those limits in place, getting a leg up on the competition becomes a matter of moving as much air as possible within those constraints. This is where the design of the impeller can play a large role, and that’s exactly where the folks at Turbonetics have turned their attention.

Their new HPC compressor wheels aim to move as much air as possible, outperforming other manufacturers size for size. According to Turbonetics’ Timo Trevismo, this new forged billet aluminum design flows between 10 and 15% more air than a standard cast wheel from the blade design and deeper hub that can force more air through the turbocharger. As well as the compressor wheel, Turbonetics has also incorporated a new integrated speed sensor into their housings, available only on units measuring larger than 88mm. Coming to market as two separate launches, the new compressor wheels will come in sizes of 61, 64, 69, 76, and 88mm.

  • Made from a forged billet aluminum design
  • Flow 10-15% more air than a standard cast compressor wheel
  • New design features thinner blades and deeper hub
  • New integrated speed sensor available on 88mm and larger housings