Just because they practically invented the commercial nitrous kit, you might think that Nitrous Oxide Systems is old-school and content to coast on their substantial and well-earned reputation. Then again, when have you ever known nitrous guys to be happy just coasting? Turns out that NOS has been hard at work rethinking some old favorites and coming up with brand new hardware, too.

For example, NOS’ crossbar plate system has been a perennial favorite with racers running 4-barrel 4150 or Dominator-style carbs, but that didn’t mean the engineers at NOS were going to leave well enough alone. The new CrossHair system uses double spray bars for improved atomization and distribution – fuel is delivered at a 37 degree angle, while the nitrous leaves at a 35 degree slant, shearing the fuel more effectively and making this plate an excellent choice for intake manifolds that typically struggle with distribution issues.

Even staple items like nozzles and solenoids have gotten a rethink. The new “Super A” is the same legendary NOS Fogger nozzle done in stainless steel instead of brass, for improved durability and strength. The Super Powershot, Cheater, Super Pro, Pro Race, and Super Big Shot solenoids have all been improved, too, with a new proprietary plunger material that’s more resistant to swelling but still seals as well as Viton. The end result is longer intervals between rebuilds and better reliability overall, especially for racers running progressive controllers.