MSD knows ignitions. Their 6A and 6AL ignition boxes are among the most popular aftermarket ignitions on the market.

MSD is stepping controllable ignition systems up a notch though with their all new Power Grid System, which includes both an ignition and system controller. Using Windows-based software, the Power Grid system lets drivers choose their programming initiatives, controlling everything from individual timing on different cylinders to shift light settings for each gear. It also has five retard settings for nitrous applications and four rpm limits for burnouts, spool, launch, and over rev.

This system also comes with a higher ignition output for improved spark and power. In a bid to bring their products into the 21st century, MSD has also included a host of features that makes plugging the Power Grid into your PC easy. It comes with a transferable Micro-SD card that stores data acquired by the Power Grid, and a USB connection from the system to your PC, making uploading new tunes easy.

MSD Ignitions will be offering up new modules throughout the coming year for this new Power Grid Ignition System.

  • New MSD Ignition programmable Power Grid System
  • Set RPM limits for burnouts and over revs and individual cylinder timing
  • Will accept Micro SD cars and USB connection to add new tunes