Engines require three main ingredients to get going; air, fuel, and of course, spark. Indeed, it is that brief-yet-important blast of electricity that provides the necessary catalyst for making power. More electricity equals more power.

That is why Australia-based ICE Ignition has been making and selling successful ignition systems for so long. Their complete ignition systems are designed to work with each other, and ICE Ignition systems have been featured on several winning engines from the JEG’s Engine Masters competitions.

The difference is the digital inductive spark generation, which generates maximum spark duration and intensity across the RPM range of the engine. The digital spark management system controls the spark and delivers precise, consistent spark every time. The result is more power than a traditional CDI system across the entire RPM range of the engine.

A microprocessor system controls the ignition and doles out spark when needed. When the engine cranks over during initial start up, for example, the ICE system provides multiple sparks for maximum starting power. The microprocessor also ensures that the ignition coil is turned on at the precise moment the engine needs sparks. It is quite simply a more advanced system than many Americans are used to using. Leave it to the Aussies to build a better ignition system.

  • Uses digital inductive spark rather than CDI technology
  • Twin table programming
  • Microprocessor provides appropriate spark when you need it