Shiny aluminum wheels aren’t just about looking good. Form follows function, and without the right wheel, all that power your engine might be making could go to waste as the tire slips. That’s why so many racers use double beadlock style wheels to keep the tires from slipping on the wheel, but these wheels can get very, very expensive.

At PRI 2010, Billet Specialties brought their new “Street Lite” double beadlock wheels to the show. These lightweight aluminum wheels weigh in at just 24 lbs. each, but what really helps their cause is price. Each of these wheels are anywhere from $200 to $400 cheaper than comparable 15” double beadlock wheels. You could save anywhere from $800 to $1,600 on a set of four wheels, which is a nice chunk of change that can be invested elsewhere on your car.

The Street Lite double beadlock wheels feature a knuckled beadlock design that eliminates tire rotation on the wheel, and they are SFI-15.1 certified drag racing wheels. It certainly helps that these are some sharp looking wheels to boot, adding some flare to your fast ride.

  • SFI 15.1-certified wheels weighing just 24 lbs. each
  • Double beadlock design eliminates tire rotation
  • Up to $400 cheaper per-wheel than many comparable brands