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PRI 2015: VMP Performance Expands Product Offerings

VMP Performance will incorporate VMP's well known supercharger and tuning products into a new brand that will offer enthusiasts a one-stop shop for all their Mustang performance needs.Read More

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PRI 2015: Data Match Technology From Fuel Injector Clinic

Data Match Technology from Fuel Injector Clinic helps customers visualize the performance of individual injectors before selecting them for an application.Read More


PRI 2015: The Bully Dog BDX is the One Hand-Held to Rule Them All

Bully Dog's new BDX handheld tuner covers all the Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Nissan applications the company supports in one device - a single plug-and-go programmer.Read More


PRI 2015: Impact Racing’s New Helmets With SNELL’s SA2015 Updates

From the PRI Show, we take a closer look at the latest racing helmets from Impact Racing designed around the Snell SA2015 helmet requirements.Read More


PRI 2015: Performance Automatic’s Smart Packs Complete Your Swap

Swapping or installing an automatic transmission can be made a lot easier if you can get all the ancillary pieces in one place. Performance Automatic's Smart Packs are designed to provide just that.Read More


PRI 2015: Performance Automatic’s Complete Coyote Trans Package

Ford only offered the Coyote crate engine with a manual transmission option for years. For those who want an automatic, Performance Automatic has a complete solution for your Coyote swap project.Read More

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PRI 2015: PFC Brakes Sheds Weight With New V3 Rotor Package

The new V3 rotor system from PFC brakes sheds weight by eliminating traditional fastening hardware, reducing unsprung weight by pounds per corner!Read More


PRI 2015: Mac’s Ties it Down or Lifts it Up

Whether it needs to be strapped down or lifted up, Mac's Custom Tie Downs has a better way to do it. Take a look at their reinvented ratchet strap that just plain works better than conventional tiedown ratchets. Read More


PRI 2015: Hamburger’s Complete Billet Oil Filter Relocation Kit

Whether you need the strength and durability of billet, or just want the look, Hamburger's now offers their billet oil filter components in complete matched kits.Read More


PRI 2015: DEI Keeps Heat Under Wraps

Design Engineering, Inc. has introduced some new products to their vast line of heat and sound control solutions, including Exo Wrap, which utilizes a stainless steel mesh to provide abrasion resistance.Read More


PRI 2015: Innovate Motorsports Introduces Three New Flex-Fuel Gauges

Innovate has three new gauges that integrate functions like calculating ethanol percentage, tracking fuel temperature or pressure, and displaying manifold pressure all in real time.Read More


PRI 2015: Driven Highlights Performance You Can Pour

Joe Gibbs Racing's Driven line of racing oils has expanded to include functional chemicals like fuel additives for both gas and diesel engines.Read More


PRI 2015: Meet the Fel-Pro Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Team

The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow program brings high-school-age students together from across the nation to compete in an engine building face-off. Read More


PRI 2015: Baer, Kenny Brown Team Up For Competition Proven Brakes

Kenny Brown has spent decades modifying and perfecting Mustangs for the track, now he's teamed up with Baer to bring enthusiasts a race-proven braking system at enthusiast level pricing.Read More


PRI 2015: Dynocom’s New Quantum Software and AFR System

Everyone is looking for a way to make tuning easier. Dynocom's newest version of its Quantum software, along with its new AFR should help EFI tuners do both on the dyno. We check out the newest features at PRI 2015.Read More


PRI 2015: PRW is Your Source for True Race-Ready Water Pumps

Off-the-shelf mechanical water pumps just aren't built to handle the rigors of extreme street or race duty - they might look like PRW, but they don't perform like PRW. Read More

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