Talking about chasing our tales for 4 days. Unloaded at Bowling Green with high hopes and intentions of rotating the earth. That couldn’t be any further from what went on.

First test hit on the car Friday:
We pulled our deal with BTE Transmissions but had one left and with no time left on the clock we had to run it. First pass released the break and with in 1.2 seconds the engine was at 8100 rpm. Luckily we brought ‘Old Faithful’ with us which is the stock case trans out of our red 4.6L Drag Radial car. With a different gear ratio in that trans I quickly found out that it was going to take a different tune up that I had been using. We did end up qualify 6th with an 8.28 @ 178 mph.

First round eliminations we had Bill Wolf who is one of the nicest people you will ever come across. Took the win with a 8.12. Unfortunately the next round we had Jason Lee who was running consistent 8.0’s. I knew that he was either going to blow them off or run another 8.0 so loaded the car up with something that would compete with him. Jason had a hard time getting the car in to stage LOL! but when it was all said and done I got him on the tree shook the tires once, hazed them at the end of first gear and Jason took the win with an 8.06 to my slowing 8.15.

Would have loved to have gone more rounds but for some reason this was a really good fun race for us. We got to hang around on Monday and test some Drag Radials for Toyo Tires which was pretty cool. A huge congrats goes to Matt Bell for winning. He was the most consistent on the day and he won plain and simple.

We are extremely happy with how we did this year with a brand new car/engine combo. We finished the car the day before Bradenton, Florida and we accomplished a lot this year:
Quickest NMRA Drag Radial Competition Pass ever – 8.020
Fastest NMRA Drag Radial Competition Pass ever – 181.67 mph
Event Win – Michigan
Event Runner-Up – Joliet
2 #1 Qualifiers – New Jersey, Columbus

It is good that the ‘Blower Guys’ finally showed there hand so at least next year the rules should be pretty close to where they are now. Work is about to begin on our 4.6L Drag Radial car we ran last year. The cage, suspension, engine are all being updated. Our plan this season was to run both cars in Drag Radial but we just don’t have enough man power. We have got Sonny’s car to a point were it just needs minor tweaking over the winter. So the game plan is we will be doing the 2 car team in the NMRA Drag Radial class for the 2009 season. Good Luck to everyone in the off season and we will see yall in 5-6 months.