Where do I start, right after the RT 66 event we went and tested at Joliet. We had stellar numbers to the 330′ cone and the engine went flat, luckily I shut it off in time and didn’t damage it any more but after we got back to the pits I pulled the valve covers off and I find pieces of pushrods laying all over my heads. I went home pulled everything apart got it fixed and loaded up for Atco. This is the second longest drive for us. It is 14.5 hours away and there are an awful lot of tolls. My family didn’t come with this race so it was just me, Dad and Dustin. We left the shop at about 6 AM central time Thursday and took off, the trip was very uneventful. We rolled in to the track at about 10pm eastern time.

They pulled us in to the track Friday morning and we got everything unloaded and went and saw all the guys at tech we got through that and went back to the trailer to warm the car up and get it ready for test n tune. So at 3pm we went and made a test pass and something was amiss, my car never has any problems with burnouts or going on the 2-step and it would not! We went back to the pits tore in to it and luckily we found the problem it was the camshaft, so we worked late Friday night and missed 1st round of qualifying but we got it fixed and were ready to go for Saturday.

We went up for 2nd round qualifing and it acted like my car again! It left very good and then about 100′ spun the tires slightly but I got it to recover enough so it went out about 1000′ and hit the rev limiter and broke a blower belt. I did manage a 7.55@171 on that pass, the next pass was exactly the same but it spun the tires a little worse and we went a 7.61@170. Needless to say we had more work to do. We wnet back and I looked at data to see why it was on the rev limiter and figured we better change a gear so I did that and Dad went to work on the front end again and we got it wrapped up alot earlier Saturday night than Friday night.

Sunday woke up bright and early and I walked the track and got to pick the lane I wanted being we qualified in the 2nd spot. I went back to the trailer and wanted to look at my data and what do I find the screen on my lap top quit! So I found another racer who had a back up changed a couple little things and was nervous we had to race Mike Trimandillis I probably am spelling his name wrong! but Mike runs very good and he can run as fast as anyone in the class! So Dustin loaded the fuel water and Ice up and pushed me back and Dad and Dustin took me to the lanes. We were the first pair out and I always get first round jitters. We did our burnouts and backed up and I lined up and got on the trans-brake and the light came down and I took off I felt late on the tree but it felt like a good pass and I ran Mike down about 300′ out and was hoping that he wasn’t going to catch me, little did I know but he had redlit so I won first round.

While I was waiting we talked and then Dad picked me up and told me what it ran and it was the quickest pass of the weekend and my career it went 7.40 at 189.50, I was so excited, needless to say it started raining and NMRA called it for the weekend so we packed her up and took off for home I can’t wait till we get back to the track I think we can go in the 7.30’s but we will see!!!!