Cobra Drift 3Shelby Cobras and the beautiful Superformance replicas are known for their high horsepower and raw driving experience. One thing they are not known for, however, is drifting — despite the ability that comes standard. Superformance and its sales arm, Hillbank Performance in Irvine, California, began showcasing its brilliant cars in the outdoor display and drift track at SEMA a few years ago.

For 2016, Superformance brought a very special car — specifically designed for the drifting display. Built by Vlado Jncev at V’s Performance, in Orange, California, the Cobra roller was fitted with a 446 stroker, built on a 351 Windsor small-block. Much went into the build including a Scat crankshaft, Eagle rods, JE pistons, Roush heads, titanium spring retainers and valves, and a COMP cam. It was fitted with an upgraded trans and a Dana 44 3.90 rearend. The steering uprights and the gears are at a different angle to shorten the steering radius and the car features power steering to improve reaction.

Cobra Drift 6

Jncev said, “You can keep it sideways for a much longer stretch.” According to Hillbank’s Doug Campbell, “This car is 720 hp to the wheels — until…” Doug pops the trunk, revealing three 15 pound Nitrus Outlet bottles. “Once these are punched, the car makes nearly 1,000…”{ad:BLOCK}

Cobra Drift 4

Pablo Cabrerra, a Top Drift Series driver took the driving duties. Normally in his competitive occupation, Cabrerra drifts a 240Z outfitted with an LQ9 stroker V8, also built by V’s Performance. Cabrerra finished 7th overall for the Top Drift season out of hundreds of entrants.


“Its a lot of fun,” said Cabrerra, “but it’s one of the hardest cars to drive of the one’s I’ve driven. You always have to be on top of the wheel in the back and forth — there is a lot of throttle modulation and steering input.”

Cobra Drift 8

Campbell commented, “Cobras are very hard cars to drift as when the rear end breaks loose, it wants to go completely around. Pablo is very impressive in the way he can hold the car in a long drift. It is nearly impossible to do, so it speaks to his talent.”


When the car finally took to the track, the crowd around the area was two deep to experience the sights, sounds — and smells of this amazing car performing.