The more that goes into a build, the better a car is right? Well, not necessarily, as the 2013 Mustang GT built by Justin’s Performance Center recently proved by becoming the world’s fastest stock long block Coyote to date. Just as the title suggests, this potent modern pony car owned by Rodney Bassett only has a few bolt-ons, pushing the car into the 9s at the will of many stock performance parts. Talk about getting the fullest from the Mustang’s factory-installed features.

Bassett had his car sent all the way from Detroit, Michigan to Millersville, Maryland in order to have it properly built into one mean machine by the Mustang aficionados at Justin‘s Performance Center, according to company sales expert Aaron Leblanc. “According to Rod, the purpose behind the car was to just have fun and make the car faster,” Leblanc told us in an email conversation.  “He also said he wanted to be the first 2013 Mustang GT to make a 9 second pass, which to my knowledge he is the first.”

With that in mind, JPC went to work, equipping the Mustang with a Paxton 2200 Supercharger Kit, which was upgraded to an 8-rib design, a Vortech Boost-a-Pump and Injector Dynamics ID1000 injectors. The engine also received a JLT Performance intake and a JPC custom tune, in addition to Kooks longtube headers that dump into an off-road x-pipe and Bassani axle back exhaust system. With this setup, the engine produced 730rwhp with Shell URT Advance Racing Fuel.  

It may look substantially modified, but this 2013 5.0L Coyote has more stock parts than you might expect. Now that's what we call a modern performance machine!

To wrangle in all the engine’s power, JPC left the stock automatic transmission in the Mustang but upgraded it with a Circle D converter with a 3,600 stall. This is backed by the Mustang’s stock suspension system and upgraded 4.10 rearend gears. The whole build sits atop Weld RTS wheels wrapped in Hoosier drag radials for the ultimate performance stance and rubber-to-pavement ratio.

Yes, that's correct-this built beast still retains many stock components, making it tip the scales at nearly 3,800lbs.

“I wouldn’t say this build is necessarily ‘tame’ but rather we knew what we had to do to make the car perform the way the customer wanted it to,” said Leblanc. When asked what the toughest part of the build was, Leblanc replied,” I really cant say anything was tough. We got dropped off a brand new car and just installed a few bolt-on parts and went 9s.”

After JPC tied up the build in roughly two weeks, the Mustang got it’s first taste of the drag strip with it’s new modifications. In August, the car laid down an amazing 9.87-second quarter mile time with a trap speed of 133mph- not bad for a Mustang with a few off-the-shelf parts. But the car’s astounding performance doesn’t end there.

Just a couple weeks ago, JPC took the car back out with new wheels, a fuel system and the power dialed up to 800rwhp. With these minor tweaks and the driving skills of Bassett himself, the Mustang ran a 9.61-second quarter mile with a trap speed of 144.24mph. This amazing run granted Bassett’s car the designation of the world’s fastest stock long block Coyote.

Right at home at the Maryland International Raceway, Bassett his JPC-built Mustang are sure to make a splash in future Stock long block Coyote races.

“I’d really say our favorite part of the build is seeing just how much you can accomplish with stock parts,” Leblanc told us when asked what the crew’s overall favorite part of the build was. “Seeing as this car had nothing more then a few off the shelf parts it really shows how much these cars can do.”

Although Bassett’s record-breaking track run is substantial, he isn’t done with his Mustang’s build just yet. “It’s actually just the start,” Leblanc told us. “We’re looking into doing a shortblock on the car and swapping out the blower this winter and cranking up the power even farther.”

With upgrades like these in the works, we can’t wait to see Bassett’s car next year, producing even more power and setting more records. After all, that’s the name of the game-try every combination you want at least once and see where it takes you. Congratulations goes out to Bassett for his well-earned fastest stock long block Coyote designation and to JPC for being such an integral part in such an amazing car.