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Brutal In Blue: Precision Machines Builds One Bad Fastback

The team at Precision Machines in Lodi California built this beautiful '66 Fastback for a customer with the best of everything. PM owner Kevin Sittner bought it back just a few years later. Read More


2004 SVT Cobra ROUSH A Creation From Two Great Icons

One of only eleven ROUSH Terminators built, this one hails from Miami, Florida. Check out this rare, and heavily modified ROUSH Cobra right here. Read More

bob daniels_3

Bob Daniels’ Silver State Challenge Stang Runs the Best with BMR

When it comes to high-performance chassis, drivetrain components, and especially suspension products, BMR Suspension is one of the best, and at the 2014 Silver State Challenge, this will be proven once again! Read More


Autocross Boss: Kevin Hamel’s ’91 Coyote-Swapped Fox

Kevin Hamel loves autocross, so he gave his '91 Fox-body Mustang convertible a modern heart transplant in the form of a 5.0-liter Coyote. Read More


Mean Mustangs of the 2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

From the Salt Flats to the Mile High, Mustangs are incredibly popular no matter what the model year, especially on the racing front. This was infinitely apparent even at the 2014 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb! Read More


Racing Like A Girl: Kennady Jones And Her Lightning Pickup

At 17 years old Kennady Jones is taking on seasoned veterans in NMRA's Truck and Lightning class, going rounds, and even winning the 2013 Rookie of the Year award. Check out this SCT racer's story and truck. Read More


Car Feature: K&N American Iron Mustang Is Racking Up Podiums

Built in the R&D department's spare time, this American Iron Racer driven by K&N's Dave Martis is consistently capturing poles, and getting on the podium in the popular NASA racing class. Read More

Legit - Mustang Burnout at Dirab Motorsports Park

Racing In The Desert: An Inside Look At Car Culture In Saudi Arabia

Contrary to what you may think about cars and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has a growing motorsports culture rooted deeply in the working class of young men with a love for American muscle cars and drag racing. Read More


Brian Faessler Is Taking On Vipers and Vettes In NARRA’s GTU Class

Forgeline has been building wheels for decades for both street cars and racers. The Faessler family has first-hand experience with these products, and uses them not only on customer cars but also their own racers. Read More

IMG_9028 (Custom)

Second Generation Racer Chris Holbrook And His Mustang Cobra Jet

Longtime Ford drag racer Chris Holbrook is following in his father's legendary footsteps and paving new ground in the NHRA's Stock Eliminator category. Check out his awesome one-of-one Cobra Jet inside! Read More


The Difference Is In The Details: Mike Bowen’s Coyote Stock Maverick

Interested in the NMRA's Coyote Stock class? Check out what Mike Bowen built for competition in the sealed crate-engine class - a 1971 Maverick, found on eBay! Read More


Matt Happel’s Newest 9-Second Junkyard Fairmont ‘Sleeper’

Matt Happel is at it again with another epic 'sleeper' of a Ford Fairmont, this time pairing a 5.3L junkyard truck motor with a billet turbo and other upgrades-on-the-cheap to go well into the nines at over 145 MPH! Read More


A Convertible Named Lola, A Shelby Tribute Mustang

Leon Griffith pays tribute to Carrol Shelby, and the Mustang he wanted to own his entire life by building his own '68 GT350 convertible, and getting the approval of Shelby himself in the process. Read More


Kevin Volk’s New GT500 From Victory Racecraft For NMRA/NMCA Action

A Dragzine Exclusive - Kevin Volk's new Victory Racecraft-built GT500 is one of the cleanest machines we've seen in quite some time, and it's scheduled to make a debut later on this season in NMRA and NMCA action. Read More


Hoofbeats Across America, A 7,000 Mile Journey In Memory Of A Friend

Mustang owners old and young know that these cars can build friendships that last a lifetime. Rick McGraw is about to take on a 7,000 mile journey to honor the memory of his best friend from his youth. Read More


Fredrick’s Twin-Turbo 2003 Cobra, “LS7HNTR” Is One Mean Pony Snake

Take a look at Fredrick Kyle's 2003 SVT Cobra. His build has had its ups and downs, but in the long run it was all worth it. Click the read link to learn more about this awesome build! Read More

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