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Babe Of The Month: Sitting Down With The Lively, Bubbly Dani Medin

Taking time out of her busy schedule, we were able to chat with the stunning and witty Dani Medin. Click here to learn more about Dani, which stretches from her lifestyle to what makes her day. Read More

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Babe Of The Month: Mercedes Terrell

This Babe Of The Month is Mercedes Terrell. She's a brown-eyed beauty from Orange County, CA that rocked the camera for us. Check out the full shoot inside with a massive photo gallery and teaser video! Read More


Babe of the Month: The Bright and Beautiful Kara Schaal

Beautiful and brainy, this month's Babe of the Month Kara Schaal is everything we could ever want in a car model. Not to mention that she also looks amazing next to our 2006 Mustang GT! Check her out inside!Read More


Babe of the Month: The Gorgeous Sarah Swords

With piercing hazel eyes, alluring curves and a passion for life, this month's Babe of the Month is a knock out in so many ways. Check out Sarah Swords inside!Read More


Babe of The Month: Melissa Hayes

Meet Melissa Hayes; a bit of tom boy and girly girl mixed into a sweet and sassy package, Melissa was an absolute kick to have on our photoshoot. That's probably because she was nice enough to laugh at our jokes.Read More


Babe of The Month: Bree de Encio

With the help of Mr. Rocky Nash and his brilliantly custom '37 Ford two-door sedan and his amazingly clean '32 Ford roadster built by Bobby Alloway for the "Shades of The Past" show, we had a great afternoon photographing this month's model, Bree de Encio.Read More


Katie Brown – powerTV July Babe of The Month

The 2009 PRI show is well over with and people are already getting ready for this year’s trade show, but we have one more thing from the show we want to let out before it is too late. We had model Katie Brown outside of the powerTV booth and when she wasn’t too busy we asked her a few questions.Read More

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Babe of the Month; Heather Lorain

A nursing student, we'd volunteer to be one of her patients. Heather Lorraine was featured in the Sept 2007 Race Pages/powerTV shoot!Read More


Babe of the Month; Niki Ghazian

From Santa Monica, California, this 25 year old is veteran at modeling. She was even a star in the Lingerie bowl! She has been modeling since 18, and likes to surf and party like a rock star.Read More

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Babe of the Month; Carla Classic

Carla says she is a mutt, and that an ideal first date would be getting roses and being taken to Sushi! We loved how she said, "powerTV baby - don't touch that dial"...Read More

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Babe of the Month; Jenae Noonan

Here's a girl that could kick your ass in person and on the dance floor. Jenae Noonan is a martial artist, a car girl, and a dancer. She doesn't know her measurements though...Read More


Babe of the Month; Arrian

August 2007 Featured Babe of the Month was Arrian. She loves Hot Rods and Muscle Cars, but also is a fan of lifted trucks!Read More


Babe of the Month; Nicolette Nightingdale

Shot in July 2007, Nicolette is a native of Davenport, Iowa but made her way to San Diego to try her hand at a modeling career. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the weather is nice also. Nicolette likes to dance at clubs, and said "dancing with the girls is fun", also. We're just going to close our eyes and imagine that on our own.Read More

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Danny Girl, April 2008 Babe of Month

21 year old Danny Girl has been modeling for 3 years since she was 18 years old and she loves it to death. She told us that she built her own truck, likes Dirt Biking, and works for a security company.Read More


Miss Genna March 2008 Model Shoot

Miss Genna comes from beautiful Orange County, California and is only 20 years old. She is StangTV's Race Pages featured Model of the month. She was a former Cheerleader, so she polished off all of her old moves for our cameras. She said she found cheerleading a rough sport - and she took her share of spills and trips to the hospital.Read More


Anne McDaniels – powerTV February Babe of the Month

It was a warm, sunny day in southern California, which made it a great day for a model shoot. And with a good looking car and beautiful girl, it made it that much better. Not only is Anne McDaniels a model and actress, she owns her own business. Read More

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