Today is the final day for racing here in zMax. All the classes are in the quarter finals and we will start running them here shortly with NMCA Pro Street, then working slower.

Sam Vincent is your number one qualifier and also record holder from yesterday's qualifying pass with a stellar 7.262 pass. I talked to Sam about how he was able to make his nitrous combination so competitive this year and he remarked, "Just gotta spray the guts outta it." Sam freshened up his engine after Joliet, which he attributes his fast times this race too.

Super Street racer Chris Tuten is here helping out with his brother Brian's new combination (pictured in the lead art above). Chris does not plan to race in SSO anymore this year and this will be the first time he has taken time off from the NMRA since 2002.


Factory Stock – Quarter/Semis

Tommy Godfrey took out Rick Walsh with a 11.236 vs a 11.504. Carlos Sobrino won over Eric Shakler with a 11.275 over Shankler's red light. Jay Dold took a bye to the finals. Jay Dold ran low ET of the round with a 11.167 over Alan Cann.

The upset of the semi final round of Factory Stock was Carlos Sobrino taking out the champ Tommy Godfrey, who spun just enough off the line to give the 11.266 to 11.488 win to Carlos. The finals will be Sobrino and Dold.

Pure Street Quarter/Semis

Brandon Alsept won over a spinning Steve Gifford with a 10.239 to a 12.332. Weaver took a solo pass to a no show Mark Anderson. Johnson took a bye to the semis.

Johnson took out Teddy Weaver in Pure Street with a 10.171 to a 10.324 in the semis with Brandon Alsept taking a bye to the finals.

Real Street Quarter/Semis

Jim Breese barely nudged out Baldwin with a holeshot win with a 9.658 to a 9.611. Matherly wins over Paul Wiley with a 9.579 to a 9.861. Hemminger took a 10.104 bye into the semis.

Bruce Hemminger took out MV Performance's Jim Breese with a 9.469 to a 9.633. Matherly took the light and drove slowly down the track. It will be a classic Matherly and Hemminger final in Real Street.

Hot Street Quarter/Semis

Tim Eichhorn continued to push through elimiations by taking out Max Gross with a 8.710 to a 8.785. Rick Riccardi took the wholeshot win with a awesome .003 light over Robbie Blankenship. Booze would win over a red lit Valden. Don Bowles would take a bye to the Semis

Don Bowles would be the first Hot Street car in the 50s all weekend to win over Tim Eichhorn - a 8.547 to a 8.688. In a bit of irony, Rick Riccardi would go -.003 red over Charlie Booze. The final would be a familar Booze/Bowles race.

Renegade Quarter/Semis

It was a pretty easy quarter final round in Renegade... as long as you showed up for your run. Dan Rawls had the competition bye, Van Gilder had a broke bye over Seeger, Brian Mitchell had a broke bye over Nieblas, and Bart Tobner had a broke bye over Bob Cook who obviously didn't get his transmission problems sorted from yesterday.

In the semis, Dan Rawls would spin and lift over Van Gilder - running a 9.135 to a 19.862. Mitchell would go -.009 red and run a quicker pass that Tobner with a 8.569, but blew the win at the tree.

Drag Radial Quarter/Semis

Another semi-easy quarter final in Drag Radial with the only pair of cars running between Brian Tuten and Enzo Pecchini. Brian took out Enzo with his fastest pass to date - a 8.202 to a 8.310. Sean Lyon and Chad Doyle had broke bye runs while Jason Lee had a competition bye.

Sean Lyon would go red over Jason Lee, who ran the fastest pass of the weekened with a 7.935, handing it over to Lee's 8.027. Brian Tuten was able to improve on his last round best time with a 8.188 but it wasn't enough for Doyle's 8.072.

Super Street Outlaw Quarter/Semis

Again, a bunch of broken single passes in Super Street with Urist, Vincent, and MacDonald advancing.

John Urist would win on a holeshot over Sam Vincent with a 7.504 to a faster but loosing 7.497. MacDonald would have a bye to the finals against Urist.

Pro Outlaw 10.5 Quarter/Semis

Not enough cars for quarter finals, Mike Murillo took a 7.496 bye run while Dwyane James ran a 7.466 on a broken single. Conrad Scarry did not make it to the lanes, though they were still working on the car this morning.


Final Round Eliminations

Mike Murillo picked up his back to back win in zMax. Murillo would get out of shape after leaving the line, but was able to rather the twin turbo Mustang and run down Dwyane James to a 6.983 win over James' 7.324.

John MacDonald won his first race here last year but suffered a damaged engine while doing so. John was able to continue his trend, but with his engine intact. Urist would redlight and hand the win to MacDonald who ran a 7.850.

Within a tenth of all his elimination passes, Jason Lee took the win in Drag Radial. Lee won with a 8.119 while Chad Doyle spun off the line and had to regain control, ending up with a 9.040.

Don Bowles was the only Hot Street racer that was able to run a .50 all weekend, happening the first time in his semi final round win over Tim Eichhorn. Don was able to muster one more 50 when it counted most, taking out Charlie Booze with a 8.591 to a 8.633

Bart Tobner was able to pick up his first win in Renegade for as long as we can remember. The modular powered fox body was able to take out Chris Van Gilder with a 8.569 to a 8.896.

Bruce Hemminger only needed to show up and cross the beams to take the win in Real Street as Tim Matherly did not make the show. It was rumored that Matherly damaged a wheel on the previous run that caused other damage to the vehicle and could not be repaired in time.

Pure Street racer Shawn Johnson took the win over Brandon Alsept with a 10.165 @ 132.52 mph pass to Alsept's 10.246 @ 130.72 mph run.

Carlos Sobrino picked up his first ever Factory Stock win with a narrow holeshot victory over Jay Dold. Sobino managed a 11.323 pass to Dold's 11.319 - giving a margin of victory of a mere .015.


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