It’s that time of the year again for the always popular NMRA finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Virtually any class that is being led by 1000 points or less is still up for grabs.  Also, Saturday will be the make up final eliminations for the NMRA Columbus rain out.  Keep it tuned to Stang TV all weekend for the updates and videos from Bowling Green.

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Sunday Morning Pit Notes

Super Stang racer Beefcake Reeves went out in the first round of eliminations, and to keep racing, he joined into the bracket racing class for the day. Reeves has gone as fast as a 10.08, but in a quest for a 9 second pass in his 2011 Mustang, caught him installing a smaller pulley on his Vortech supercharger.

We had assumed that Sam Vincent had broken something in the rear end yesterday since they needed a jack to get the car out of the beams yesterday, but it actually ended up being a planetary in the transmission. The crew had the Mustang fixed and ready last night. Vincent faces Phil Hines in the first rounf of Super Street Outlaw today.

Don Bowles Maverick looks like a fighter in the ring getting ready for the first round of boxing. Bowles ended up second on the qualifying ladder with a 8.469 @ 161.42 mph pass and faces Rick Riccardi in the first round of Hot Street.

Eliminations ladders - click them for a larger version

Eliminations ladders - click them for a larger version

Eliminations Notes

Dwyane James took a broken bye win in the first round of Pro Outlaw 10.5W since Jim Brown suffered from massive valvetrain failure yesterday. Tim Essick would barely nudge out Edgar Rice with a 6.749 to a 6.846. Mike Murillo would take a single.

In the semi finals, Dwyane James would tree Mike Murillo with a .006 light, but would have a hard time keeping the car pointed straight. Murillo went on with the semi final win with a 6.624 @ 205.79. Mike unofficially has won the NMRA Pro Outlaw 10.5 championship

Sam Vincent, who has been running a bit off pace this race, kept the consistency up during the first round of SSO to beat out Phil Hines, who went up in smoke at the 60 foot cone. Joel Greathouse would go red against John Urist who ran a 7.06 and unofficially secured his seventh championship. Tuten would narrowly beat out Kenjo Kelley at the stripe by .08.

Unfortunately for Chris Tuten his Elimination round passes have been slowing since yesterday and Terry Elam was able to take advantage of that, beating Tuten with a 7.244 to a 7.288. Urist would keep up with the super consistent and fast passes against Sam Vincent on a 7.040 to a 7.429

Dan Baumann would not make the first round call in Real Street and give the win to Craig Baldwin. Bruce Hemminger would get the top qualifier bye run. Matherly would still battle drivetrain problems against Jay Marr while Jim Breese would take out Michael Bell who broke partially down the track.

Jim Breese would win on an upset final where Craig Baldwin would go -.025 red and run a faster 9.402. Hemminger would struggle with traction issues against Jay Marr where Marr picked up the win with a 9.473 to Hemminger's 9.614. Hemminger is your 2011 Real Street champion.

It was a red light first round for Renegade where Keller red lit against Tobner and Allmandinger red lit against Clements. Bob Cook would run low ET of the round against Bryan Muth with a 8.396 to a 8.487 and Howard would win over a broken Victor Nieblas. Bob Cook would take the bye to the finals against Howard, though your 2011 Renegade champion would be semi-final round looser Brian Mitchell.

It was a full house in Pure Street this weekend with 11 cars in eliminations. Though Brandon Alsept was eliminated in the first round, he had enough points to secure the 2011 Pure Street championship.

Robbie Blankenship would be the only Hot Street Mustang in the 30s during the first two rounds. Don Bowles quick .009 of the first round would come back to cost him the semi final round against Robbie Blankenship by being a little too quick on the tree and going red. Charlie Booze would also capitalize on a red Mike DeMayo to setup a Booze and Blankenship final for the championship.

The hottest battle for the championship is in Factory Stock where Louis Sylvester, Brian Campbell, and Carlos Sobrino all had a chance at taking it. That chase became thinned down in the second round where Carlos Sobrino took out Leslie Jr. on a 10.917 to a 11.123.

During the first round of Drag Radial Jason Lee would take a broke bye win against Andy Manson while Brad Medlock would win over a limping Brian Tuten, and finally a quickening Orson Johnson would fall victim to Sean Lyon's fastest pass of the round, a 7.477 to a 7.713. In the next round, Lee would be quick on the tree with a .001 light and a 7.597 to 7.645 win over Brad Medlock.

Final Round Updates

It would be a McDonalds-colored final with Jason Lee battling Sean Lyon. In the end it would be Lee who took home the victory and yet another Drag Radial championship and race win, defeating Lyon on a 7.518 to a 7.806.

In the Renegade final, it was Bob Cook and Joel Howard facing off for the event win, and Cook cut the tree down with a .008 light, and carded an 8.38 to Howard’s 8.58 for the win.

Louis Sylvester's appearance in the final round of Factory Stock ensured his Factory Stock ring, but it would be Brian Campell who would win the Bowling Green race with a 10.943 to a 11.007

In Hot Street as the tree came down on the pair of champions, Booze got the holeshot, but Blankenship powered around Boose and took the win light, 8.39 to 8.44, for the event win and the 2011 Hot Street championship.

Click the photos for a larger version

Click the photos for a larger version

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