Car shows and Southern California are a natural combination. The weather and climate are perfect for speakers blaring Beach Boys’ tunes out of a drop top ’57 Ford Skyliner. Edelbrock’s facility in Torrance, California, makes its proximity to the coast a perfect spot by putting them in the center of of Southern California collector car clubs. Any event hosted by the manufacturer would certainly draw some of the most desirable vintage cars in automotive history. Such is the case when Edelbrock hosts the annual Rev’ved Up 4 Kids charity car show every spring.

Edelbrock’s sixth annual Rev’ved Up For Kids charity car show proved that the automotive industry giant is proudly making automotive enthusiasts and future leaders right here in the USA. “My vision is that this all comes around full circle,” says event founder and Edelbrock Vice President Christie Edelbrock.

“We are partnered with several groups that work to service the needs of kids. While this event was started as a charity event to benefit the Center for Learning Unlimited, we are proud to host the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Regional Engine Builder Challenge again this year and are looking at a few other events that will help service more kids.

“Many of these kids will go on to work within the automotive industry at companies like Edelbrock, or they will become lifelong automotive enthusiasts that will pass on their love of cars to future generations of kids. These young people are the future of this industry, so it eventually does come back in a full circle,” Edelbrock added.

The ever humble Christie Edelbrock has downplayed her role in the charity event by saying, “It about the kids. It’s always been about the kids. I’m just lucky enough to know people and companies in this industry that want to get involved and help these kids learn and in most cases, become mentors to the next generation.”

Showing off the best that SoCal had to offer were some seriously sharp rods and rides from around 8

Opening Events

The Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Car Show presented by Edelbrock kicked off opening ceremonies with the National Anthem and the Glendora chapter of the Boy Scouts of America providing the color guard. Shortly thereafter, McDonald’s representative Ronald McDonald was spotted and the Hamburglar was lurking around the cars pulling into the show.

The Hamburglar was seemingly up to no good and was quickly apprehended by the local police who brought the masked thief to event coordinator Christie Edelbrock in handcuffs. When the mask was removed, the Hamburglar turned out to be automotive designer Chip Foose. Foose hung around and talked with the crowd, signed autographs and answered questions about his amazing car builds over the years.

McDonald's Characters Ronald McDonald and The Hamburglar were in attendance. After the local police arrested the Hamburglar, he was unmasked and his true identity was exposed.

Hot Rodders Of Tomorrow Engine Builder’s Challenge

The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Builder's Challenge got underway with the team all racing the clock to disassemble and build a small block Chevy as quickly as possible

One of the featured events during the Rev’ved up 4 Kids car show is Hot Rodders of Tomorrow’s Engine Challenge, which was making it’s third consecutive appearance at the annual charity event.

In total, 13 high schools competed in a full day of a series of head-to-head competition rounds. The high schools are sponsored by different companies in the automotive industry and the teams all wear uniforms to show their team colors during the challenge.

Christie explained when the Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Event was just starting to host the regional competition, “I had a fear that we wouldn’t be able to find enough kids to compete because it’s a dying thing in California. The economy has hurt the school’s ability to have automotive programs at the high schools.”

She went on to say that this year’s response and being able to field 13 teams was very rewarding, “It’s been quite a journey working with them and seeing the programs grow and the instructors grow with the program.”

The Engine Builder Challenge event simulates an engine tear down between rounds at a drag race with teams all tearing down and rebuilding a small block Chevy 350 from top to bottom. Only the crankshaft and camshaft remain in the block during the tear down. Using only common hand tools, the students apply proper disassembly and detorque procedures to remove the components.

Team Edelbrock

The team returns behind the bench and when the disassembly is verified, the students return to the block and began assembling the engine in proper sequence and to proper torque specs under the purview of the judges and spectators. Time penalties are assessed for improper disassembly, dropped components, assembly and sportsmanship. The team with the fastest time, including penalty minutes, wins the competition.

The first round of competition had the teams from Southern California Regional Occupational Center from Torrance sponsored by Be Cool, Jordan High School from Long Beach sponsored by Mr. Gasket, Millikan High School from Long Beach sponsored by Egge Machine, North Orange ROP Team #1 from Anaheim sponsored by K&N Filters and Loara High School Team #1 from Anaheim sponsored by Moroso.

The Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Builder's Challenge pits teams of high school students against each other in a test of engine building speed and percision

Second round started at 11:00 a.m. with Katella High School from Anaheim sponsored by Parts Pro, Calabasas High School from Calabasas sponsored by Hedman Hedders, North Orange ROP Team #2 from Anaheim sponsored by PRW, Loara High School Team #2 from Anaheim sponsored by Airaid, and playing the home team of Edelbrock was Rancho Alamitos High from Garden Grove.

In the third and final round of competition was Madison High School from San Diego sponsored by Royal Purple, Ramona High School from Ramona sponsored by Comp Cams and Crawford High from San Diego sponsored by Energy Suspension.

Moroso's Loara High set a new National Record on time and has to be considered a favorite going into the National Challenge at The SEMA trade show in Las Vegas

When the teams were all finished and the times totaled, the Moroso team from Loara High School finished in first place, setting a new National Speed Record of 24:34. Because they had a completely error free disassembly and build, the team also got the Race to Perfection Bonus for a perfect engine with no penalties which reduced their time to 22:34.

Second place Team K&N Filters from North Orange County ROP finished with a time of 31:31, and are the current #1 Wild Card seed for the Showdown at SEMA National Championship.

Each first place winners received a $5,000 dollar scholarship each from both School of Automotive Machinists (SAM School) and Ohio Technical College (OTC). Second place received $3,000 each student, 3rd place received $2,000 each student, and every participating student received 1,000 dollar scholarship from both Ohio Technical College & School of Automotive Machinist.

Contestants earned their mettle thrashing before a huge crowd and under the Springtime sunshine.

Results from the Hot Rodder’s of Tomorrow Engine Challenge:

1 – Loara High School Team #1, Anaheim, CA – 22:34* – Team Moroso
2 – North Orange ROP Team #1, Anaheim, CA – 31:31:00 – Team K&N Filters
3 – Loara High School Team #2, Anaheim, CA – 42:06:00 – Team Airaid
4 – North Orange ROP Team #2, Anaheim, CA – 63:52:00 – Team PRW
5 – Ramona High School, Ramona, CA – 71:43:00 – Team Comp Cams
6 – Calabasas High School, Calabasas, CA –  103:00:00 – Team Hedman
7 – Katella High School, Anaheim, CA – 108:29:00 – Team Parts Pro
8 – Rancho Alamitos High, Garden Grove, CA – 134:45:00 – Team Edelbrock
9 – So.Cal Regional Occupational Center, Torrance, CA – 140:00:00 – Team Be Cool
10 – Millikan High School, Long Beach, CA – 145:00:00 – Team Egge Machine
11 – Crawford High, San Diego, CA – 150:00:00 – Team Energy Suspension
12 – Madison High School, San Diego, CA – 155:00:00 – Team Royal Purple
13 – Jordan High School, Long Beach, CA – 160:00:00 – Team Mr. Gasket

Christie Edelbrock praised the work of Rodney Bingham, the founder and coordinator of Hot Rodders of Tomorrow for bringing his expertise in “helping grow the automotive culture within our youth.” Edelbrock also had praise for the surrounding communities in Southern California for “becoming a large part of the success of the Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Car Show.”

From every angle these trick machines glimmered in the Springtime sun.

The Car Show

Christie Edelbrock never planned on the car show becoming this large of an event, “I just started this show as a way to help the Center For Learning Unlimited and the kids that needed help in alternative ways of learning. It just kinda grew from there.”

With the addition of Hot Rodders of Tomorrow and additional sponsors, the entire program has grown to the point where other kids programs are being helped by Edelbrock’s work with this car show. The mainstay of the event is still the cars and car builders that bring their show cars out for the public to see.

For the hobbyist, there are a few cars that can be 'done to death,' including the '32 Ford, the Mustang and a shoebox Chevy, but these examples show that there's still plenty of beauty in this ever-popular 'rods.

2011 Trophy Class Winners

Vic’s Choice Award sponsored by Edelbrock: Toby Stanford
Children’s Choice Award sponsored by B/G Rodworks: Tom King of Ohio Technical college
Best GM Vehicle Award sponsored by JE Pistons: Eric Adams
Best Mopar Vehicle Award sponsored by Schnieder Cams: Rich Kyle
Best Ford Vehicle Award sponsored by Schnieder Cams: Jim Ayach
Best Tri Five Award sponsored by Be Cool: Scott Kendig
Best Custom Award sponsored by JE Pistons: John Fields
Best Motorcycle Award sponsored by JE Pistons: Lyndon Catbagan
Black Beauty Award sponsored by Energy Suspension: Darrell Greig
Best Flamed Paint Scheme Award sponsored by Hurst: Neo Rubio
Best of Show Award sponsored by Rialto Trophy: Chuck Schauwecker
Best of 1920’s Award sponsored by Egge Machine Company: Pete Metzen
Best of 1930’s Award sponsored by DeLillo Chevrolet: Bill Stunkard
Best of 1940’s Award sponsored by Miloden: Terry Woolsey
Best of 1950’s Award sponsored by JE Pistons: Pat Jenkins
Best of 1960’s Award sponsored by JE Pistons: Ramez Makhlouf
Best of 1970’s Award sponsored by Milodon: Bill Kidman
Best of 1980’s Award sponsored by Lokar: Pete Andeas
Best of 1990’s Award sponsored by Eibach: Arthur Schwabe
Best of 2000’s Award sponsored by Eibach: Chuck Vosicka
Best of 2010’s Award sponsored by B & M: Joseph Whaley
Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Choice Award sponsored by Hedman Hedders: Vic Woods
Best Military Vehicle (Any Veteren or Active Personnel) Award sponsored by The Iceman: Pat Laughlin

The devil is in the details they say, and it's more true than in the details found in each of these unique rides.

Wrap Up

Every year of the Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Car Show, a wide variety of cars have shown up for the opportunity to show off their hard work and automotive pride and joy for the visiting spectators. Regardless of personal tastes, there is just about one of every type of car ever made that is available for viewing.

Most of the car owners are always nearby to answer any questions or explain how they got started on a project or the hobby of car restoration or hot rodding in general.

The Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Charity Car Show is the perfect place to talk to others that are bitten by the car bug, do a little research on your own project car or just enjoy the history of automobiles. Another plus to the event is that every dollar collected during the event goes to charity.

The Center for Learning Unlimited benefits from every person that comes to the show. The event typically is scheduled for the first weekend in May, so if you find yourself in Southern California next year at this time and you’re looking for where you can get your car fix and help the automotive culture at the same time, the fun team at Edelbrock would love to have you drop by for the 7th annual Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Car Show.

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