In a high-performance world filled with Mustangs and the all-new Ford GT, it’s easy to see why some owners of the Focus ST and the Fiesta ST might feel overshadowed. With twin turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engines and Coyote V8s being all the rage, most enthusiasts tend to forget that the ST models are an important part of the Ford Performance lineup.

Over the years, these turbocharged, four-cylinder EcoBoost-powered hot hatches have steadily grown in popularity. So much so, that the aftermarket has recently began to catch up.

Go-fast gurus (and just plain old badasses) like Ken Block and Vaughin Gittin Jr. have helped fuelthe fire for enthusiasts as well. With the success of the RTR brand and Hoonigan‘s Gymkhana series, it’s hard not to be a Ford Performance enthusiast these days. It’s also why the duo has teamed up in an effort to show appreciate to ST folks; showing us that you don’t have to have the biggest, baddest car to be an enthusiast–you just have to enjoy cars!