John Calvert Launch 2

Cobra Jet Showdown To Return To NMRA Season Opener

Outside of the NHRA, the NMRA Cobra Jet Showdown is the only chance to see Ford's famed factory built Cobra Jets pitted against one another. Read More


Shelby GT350R-C Dominates Competition At Daytona Challenge

Over the last year, the Shelby GT350R-C racecar has taken the road racing world by storm. Its most recent victory? A 1st and 2nd podium finish at the BMW Performance 200 in Daytona, Florida. Here's the details! Read More


Three Awesome Mustangs Sold At Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

Even though the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction has already passed, we wanted to share three Mustangs we thought were awesome that sold last month. Check out some of these rare and ultra rare Mustangs here. Read More

Wilwood Aluminum Tandem

Wilwood’s New 15/16″ Bore Tandem Master Cylinder For Mustangs

Wilwood Disc Brakes just released its 15/16" Tandem Master Cylinders that matches the cylinder output to caliper capacity with custom brake upgrades on manual pedal, single-pushrod brake setups. Read More


Tech: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Engine Shootout: Building The Coyote

In the second installment of our modern small block budget shootout, we're taking a look at the Coyote 5.0. While it makes similar power to LS3 out of the box, how it gets there is significantly different. Read More


Covercraft Protected Priceless Cars In “The Vault” During Renovation

When you are responsible for protecting the exterior of museum grade vehicles, who do you turn to? Covercraft Industries provided the ultimate protection for the Petersen Museum during their recent renovation. Read More


Special 2016 Ford Focus RS Sells For $550,000 At Barrett-Jackson

Ford Performance recently auctioned off one of its 2016 Focus RS models at the Barrett-Jackson auction show over the weekend, raising a hefty $550,000 for the RS. The proceeds will be donated to JDRF. Read More


Bagged and Dragged: Josh Baker’s Honey Badger Is Show, Go, and Drag

Josh Baker goes from average enthusiast to brand ambassador with the build of his 2015 Mustang GT, the Honey Badger. Don't let the low stance fool you, this GT goes 130 mph in the 1/4 mile. Read More

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.35.30 AMGR

Video: Jay Leno Gives Rundown Of His 2015 Shelby GT350R

In this episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Leno meets with Jamal Hameedi, chief engineer at Ford Performance to discuss some of the finer details of the all-new 2015 Shelby GT350R, which Jay Leno recently acquired. Read More

Melissa Urist Dyno

Melissa Urist Is Ready To Rock NMRA In Her 1,416-Horsepower S550

Melissa Urist's Hellion powered S550 Mustang recently made 1,416-horsepowe at the tires. We got the inside scoop from Melissa on the car and what she has planned for the 2016 NMRA season. Read More

RSW Terry Reeves - BG - 0091

Race Star Industries Boasts All-Star Cast Of Sponsored NMRA Racers

Race Star Industries backs an array of racers in the NMRA ranks who carry their wheels into battle, including Terry "Beefcake" Reeves, Nina and Brad Gussler, Kent Nine, and John Mummery. Read More


PRI 2015: VMP Performance Expands Product Offerings

VMP Performance will incorporate VMP's well known supercharger and tuning products into a new brand that will offer enthusiasts a one-stop shop for all their Mustang performance needs. Read More


Dealerships Still Asking Top-Dollar For Shelby GT350 Mustangs

There were just 137 2015 model year Shelby GT350 Mustangs made, and one of those cars is commanding top dollar from a New York Ford dealer. Read More


Ford Leaves Japanese and Indonesian Markets Amidst Awful Sales

Ford is calling it quits in the Japanese and Indonesia markets as sales continued to stumble. Will the automaker ever return to the Land of the Rising Sun. Read More

BoostedGT Launch to Livestream Bounty Hunters $50k Grudge Race

Dragzine, in association with, is pleased to announce plans to broadcast live streaming coverage at the highly-anticipated Bounty Hunters No Prep Grudge Nationals, in San Antonio. Read More


Video: Ford Mustang Arrives In The U.K. With “Unlearn” Ad Campaign

A new advertisement for the Ford Mustang has arrived in the U.K., but beyond the B-roll footage and British accent, there isn't much authenticity. Read More


BBK Performance Releases Power Plus 85/90mm Throttle Bodies

BBK's new throttle bodies for the 2105-16 S550 Mustang are designed to give maximum horspower, torque, and acceleration with the factory tune and no tune is required. Check them out here! Read More


How Long Will Ford Continue To Produce The 5.0-Liter V8?

We take a brief look at the history behind the modular engine starting with the introduction of the 4.6 modular engine and ending with a brief speculation of where the 5.0-liter V8 could continue on to with Ford. Read More


White Hot: Daniel Pharris’ 3-Second, 200 MPH Radial Tire ’95 Cobra

Daniel Pharris' big-block, twin turbo 1995 Mustang Cobra is one of radial racing's elite machines, carrying on a winning, record-setting tradition that dates back to the formative years of small-tire racing. Read More


Get Leak-Free Brake Lines With The Koul Tools SurSeat Mini

Solving leaks in hard lines can be a real hassle sometimes, and over tightening the fasteners can result in a fractured line, making the problem worse. SurSeat will ensure those lines are leak free. Read More