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Coyote Stock Racer Jacob Lamb Wins Bluegrass Super Shifters Race

NMRA Coyote Stock racer Jacob Lamb went out to do some testing and ended up winning the Bluegrass Super Shifters inaugural race at Thornhill Dragway last weekend.


Ford Returns To Flushing Meadows For 50th Anniversary

50 years later to the day, Ford returned to the site of the 1964 World’s Fair with over 90 other Mustang owners to help celebrate a half-century of America’s favorite sports car.


Video: Ken Block Faces Down Soccer Star Neymar Jr. in “Footkhana”

What do you get when you pin Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta ST RX40 against Brazil's professional football (soccer) star Neymar Jr. and a giant paved football field? Well, Castrol is calling it “Footkhana"!


Video: 50 Years Of Mustang Evolution

To demonstrate this retro identity that has translated so well to the 21st century, Ford released this video comparing the most iconic classic Mustangs with Ford’s most recent models.


Need For Speed Mustang Sells Big for Charity at Barrett-Jackson

No matter what film they come from, true movie cars are highly sought after but many of them get scrapped after their big-screen debut. Luckily, the '13 Mustang GT used in Need for Speed was not one of them!


Goodguys’ 14th Meguiar’s Del Mar Nationals Autocross: Crowds Gather

The Goodguys autocross has become just about as important as the rest of the show itself, and to some it's even more important. Who would have thought that guys with insane builds would thrash on them like this?


TECH: Davis Technologies’ Profiler Wheel Speed Management System

Davis Technologies takes drag racing track management to yet another level with their new Profiler Wheelspeed Management system – check out the details of its operation inside!


2014 Ford Hertz Penske Mustang GT For Sale On Craigslist

Because everyone wants credit for a cool car, sometimes you end up with names like the Ford Hertz Penske Mustang GT. Tongue-twisting name aside, just 150 of these Mustangs were made, and one just came up for sale.


Video: A 9-Second Stick Shift Mustang From Every Angle

You have to watch this footage of his Fox-body Mustang, nicknamed Quarterhorse II, tearing down the drag strip in the single digits from all sorts of angles. You’re probably going to watch this more than once.


Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration At Charlotte: Same Day Coverage

The biggest automotive birthday party in history is taking place simultaneously in Charlotte, NC, and Las Vegas, follow along as we cover all the action from the Mustang 50th Anniversary with daily updates.


Video: CJ Pony Parts At The Reveal of The 50th Anniversary Mustang

CJ Pony Parts had cameras rolling when the 2015 Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition was revealed in New York last week. Check out the footage of the car and what Ford execs had to say its importance to the company.


QA1 Shock Comparison: Which To Choose – Single vs. Double Adjustable

Adjustable shock absorbers can help dial in better handling, but it's hard to tell which shocks are best for a given application. We compare single- and double-adjustable shocks from QA1 to help make that decision.


Video: Performance Distributors On Motorhead Garage

The Motorhead Garage guys take a trip to Performance Distributors in Tennessee, where proprietor Steve Davis discusses some of the company's products.


Time-Lapse Teardown And Reassembly Of Mike Murillo’s “Lafawnduh”

Check out this pair of sweet time-lapse videos of Mike Murillo disassembling and reassembling his 2200-plus horsepower Outlaw 10.5 car in preparation for the 2014 racing season. This is badass!

IMG_9498 (Custom)

Motive Pro Gears and Spool Install For Biting The Bullitt

As we look to earn high eight-second elapsed times with Project Biting The Bullitt, we need to upgrade the rearend for reliability and performance. Motive Gear gets on board - check it out!


2015 Mustang Options And Some Pricing Revealed Including SVT Model

Gearing options, track pack, an SVT model, and more are all part of the inventory ordering system for 2015 from Ford. We have screenshots and a breakdown thanks to help from Mustang6g.


Video: What Mustangs Do When You’re Not Home

Even though we know better, it’s still fun to imagine what kinds of shenanigans these pony cars might get into while we’re not looking, and it’s good to know the folks at Ford Racing had the same thought.


First Ford GT40 Delivered To Shelby Sells For $7 Million

despite the fact that this prototype GT40 has caught fire, and has as many DNFs as it does actual race finishes, the fact that Carroll Shelby graced it with his hand made it worth $7 million.


Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebration Las Vegas: Same Day Coverage

It's the Mustang 50th Anniversary Bash in Las Vegas, NV. We are on the ground and covering the event as it unfolds, keep checking here for exclusive photos, and coverage of this once in a lifetime event.


Video: 2015 Mustang Features “Line Lock” For Perfect Burnouts

The 2015 Mustang GT will offer customers an exclusive line lock feature when it goes on sale this fall, with one particular kind of Mustang driver in mind. We're referring of course to weekend drag racers.