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We’re Driving The ’15 Mustang Soon, Tell Us What You Want To Know

We'll be driving the 2015 Mustang for the first time this week. What is that you'd like to know about the car? Details on how to get your questions answered right here. Read More


Texas Racer Perishes In Horrifying Crash At Little River Dragway

A horrifying accident at the Little River Dragway in Texas on Friday sadly claimed the life of a 48-year old military sergeant after he lost control of his GT500 Ford Mustang and crashed near the finish line. Read More


Lincoln Coupe Design Inspired By the S550 Mustang

Inspired by the S550 Mustang platform, Car Scoops has rendered a Lincoln coupe that could be the exciting addition to the lineup FoMoCo's luxury division needs. Could this be the Mark IX? Read More


Bringing Engine Cooling Into The 21st Century With Davies Craig

Cooling systems have changed very little on your car since the 1930s, especially in terms of temperature control. We bring Project Rehab's cooling system into the 21st century with help from Davies Craig. Read More


Mustang Girl Monday: Stephani Behrle And The Dark Horse

Stephani was the girl who was getting car magazines in her mail box as a teenager instead of the girly gossip and trendy teen mags. She's had a lifelong love of hot cars culminating in her most recent Mustang. Read More


Video: LateModelRestoration’s SVE Pace Car

Take a look at the SVE Pace Car, originally built as project 777 but renamed by fans, LateModelRestoration put together one awesome S197 Mustang to celebrate 5.0Resto's 15th anniversary. Read More


Step Back To the 80s With Fox Body B-Roll Footage From Ford

We recently came across this footage of Fox body Mustangs cruising around cities and highways. From the Ford marketing archives to YouTube, check how the blue oval sold Mustangs in the 1980s. Read More


Mustang Sales Down Significantly In August

Mustangs sales continued to slide in August, likely due to customers holding their breath and waiting for the 2015 to begin hitting showrooms nationwide. The Mustang was beat nearly 2:1 by the Camaro in sales. Read More


Two Classic Shelby Mustangs Found in French Collection

Here in the U.S., Mustangs are a dime a dozen, but in France it's much different. Check out two Shelby Mustangs that were found in one French collection. Read More

hall of fame

Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour Registration Is Wrapping Up

If you've ever wanted to take a long distance road tour in your muscle car, classic, hot rod, or custom now is your chance. The all inclusive Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour heads out later this month. Read More


Performance Distributors’ Professional Tips Help Diagnose Issues

Distributor and ignition issues can drive you crazy trying to diagnose the problem. Performance Distributors offers a number of tech tips intended to simplify the process. Read More


Lake George, NY Trying To Set Guinness Record For Mustang Parade

The small community of Lake George, New York is trying to make history this weekend by setting the all-time Guinness record for the largest Mustang parade. Read More

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Classic Dash Introduces Panels for Fox Mustangs

Classic Dash now offers dashboards for your classic Fox Body Mustang. Take advantage of these ABS composite dashes that are UV-resistant, have accommodations for speed/tach setups, and fit directly into place. Read More


Don Creason: Sometimes Simple Is The Most Fun

It can be easy to forget why we got into the car hobby in the first place. When the struggle to win, or outshine our friends takes over sometimes we lose sight of the idea of having fun with our cars. Read More


Readers Rides: Get Your Car Featured On StangTV

We're looking for readers rides to feature every week. Take a few minutes to read through what we're looking for and get to work on your readers rides submissions. Full details in this article. Read More

Cobra Jet Dyno-02

Video: 2014 Cobra Jet On The Dyno

Cobra Jet racers are generally very quiet about their dyno numbers and results, so we were excited to actually get to see one of these cars on the dyno complete with a stated rear wheel horsepower rating. Read More


DiabloSport’s Trinity, BAMA Performance, And Our Newest Mustang

Our newest test subject, this 2011 Grabber Blue Mustang GT, gets a tuneup from Diablosport's Trinity and BAMA Performance. How do gains of 41.2 horsepower and 45.2 foot-pounds of torque sound? Check it out! Read More

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eBay Find: A Way-Cool 1941 Ford Pickup Gasser We’d Definitely Drive

A 1941 Ford Pickup Truck is rare enough, but this one currently for sale on eBay turned into a period-correct Gasser is truly one-of-a-kind. Read More


Energy Suspension’s Polyurethane Motor/Trans Mounts For SBF Vehicles

The aging rubber motor and transmission mounts on your SBF-equipped classic are about to give up. To fix this, Energy Suspension offers new polyurethane mounts that last and last. Check 'em out! Read More


Video: KIller Six Mustang Is Back To Take On A 700+ hp GTR In Texas

It would seem that the Killer 6 Mustang is back for another round of street racing. Check out the video as it takes on a GTR that should have it easily outmatched. Read More