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A Deep Dive Into FAST’s XFI Sportsman EFI On Biting The Bullitt

The new XFI Sportsman EFI system from FAST provides an engine tuning solution for enthusiasts and racers alike. We installed one onto Biting the Bullitt – check out the details on the system inside! Read More


Second Rendering of 2015 Saleen S302 is Unveiled

Second rendering of 2015 S302 Saleen at Annual Saleen Show. More aggressive in appearance, Steve Saleen leaves us wanting more. Will performance match the aggressive exterior? Read More


Driving the 2015 Mustang: The Things You Want to Know

If you are looking for a typical car review that talks about the 2015 Mustang's obvious upgrades, this isn't the place for you. If you are looking for a review that has the info you don't already know, read on... Read More


Pop Culture Artist and Ford Mustang Launch Global Art Collection

Mustang Unites collaborates with iconic pop culture artist, Burton Morris, to create global art collection celebrating the Blue Oval's expansion into the international market. Read More


Mustang Girl Monday: Melissa Fletcher Finds Love At First Sight

After spending a few years hanging around fast cars, Melissa Fletcher took a chance and bought a Mustang of her own. Check out her story and her 2011 GT right here. Read More


AEM Debuts Infinity ECU Plug & Play Adapter Harness for Coyotes

AEM's new Plug & Play Adapter Harness gives you the Infinity ECU's control over the Coyote 5.0L V8. Use it to unleash your Mustang to its full potential. Read More

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Vintage 1979 Mustang Coloring Book Found on Ebay

Check out this awesome eBay find, a Fox body Mustang Coloring Book circa 1979! This would be a great collectible for an Mustang or Fox body fan, and we've never seen one before. Bidding at $19.95 is underway. Read More


Livernois Track Day Registration Is Open Reserve Your Spot Now

Livernois Motorsports annual track day is all lined up for this fall. All you need to do to participate is contact them now to get one of the limited number of spots at the event at Milan Dragway. Read More


Roush Pulls the Curtain Back for Second Sneak Peak

ROUSH drops another sneak peak of their version of the 2015 Mustang. In one hash tag, thirteen words, and one photo ROUSH has the Mustang world astir. We're wondering just how aggressive will the new ROUSH be. Read More


AmericanMuscle And Forgestar Are Giving Away First 2015 Stang Wheels

To celebrate the first set of 2015 Forgestar F14 rims, AmericanMuscle.com and Forgestar have partnered together to bring new 2015 Mustang owners an awesome promotion. Read More


BMR Introduces Lower Control Arms for 2005-14 Mustangs

BMR now offers steel lower control arms for the 2005-14 Mustang, and they're ready to improve the handling of your late model while maintaining ride comfort. Read More

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X275 Behind-The-Scenes: Travis Burger’s Unique “Fordmaro”

Missouri racer Travis Burger is hard at work on this very unique X275 Chevrolet Camaro that sport, of all things, turbocharged power from a small block Ford. Read More


Video: Russian Mustanger Gettin Sideways on Busy Street

Attempting to drive Vaughn Gittin Jr. style a Russian Mustang enthusiast gets over zealous when he loses control on a busy street, jeopardizing his life and others. Read More


1978 Mustang II King Cobra in Search of New Home

The least popular of the pony line up, a 1978 Mustang II King Cobra has come on the market. Ford's reaction to the Fuel crisis of the day this rare find could make a great project with a low investment. Read More


CPR Racing Introduces New Universal Bypass Fuel Regulators

CPR Racing's new universal bypass fuel pressure regulators help your machine create awesome power at all times. Two available AN fittings, adjustable PSI pressure, and an anodized finish make these parts great. Read More


Back To Basics: Michael Edds Uses A Simple Plan To Build A Fast Fox

For Michael Edds, building a high dollar car he could enjoy wasn't an option. Instead he turned to simple and proven parts to build a reliable and fast Fox that turns heads on the street and is quick at the track. Read More


Pristine ’69 Black BOSS 429 Headed To Mecum Chicago 2014

In only a couple of weeks, a legendary '69 BOSS 429 Mustang will be hitting the Mecum auction block. Get an early close look at this Black Jade BOSS 429 here. Read More


Mustang6g Spies 2015 Mustang Ford Racing Parts

Mustang6g has managed to get their hands on images of catalog pages showing Ford Racing parts for the 2015 Mustang. Check out what has already been developed for the S550 platform right here. Read More


Video: 1965 Mustang and Cereal Ad Is Terrible Cross Marketing

Ahead of its time Ford had strategic marketing plan to tap into an untouched market, ensuring their place in the future for years to come. The iconic pony makes appearance in 1965 cereal commercial marketing women. Read More


Coyote Boost Bash Coming to NMRA World Finals

Time to saddle up and herd those ponies to the upcoming Turbocharged Coyote 5.0 liter Boost Bash coming to the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Read More