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Counterfeit Automotive Parts: Knock It Off

What can it hurt if you buy a cheap counterfeit car part? As it turns out... it can hurt more than you realize. Counterfeit parts are merely a money grab, and this could be the funds behind some terrorist events. Read More


Sultans Of Spark Adds Power To Our Coyote With New Coil Packs

Coyote ignition woes are a thing of the past with Performance Distributors' Sultans of Spark coil-packs for the 5.0L. We put them to the test on BAMA Performance's dyno! Read More


Future of Mustang Week in Jeopardy After Videos Go Viral

Burnouts, and general bad behavior with cars have brought negative attention to Mustang Week, the largest Mustang even in the USA. Local government officials want to impose tighter rules for next year's show. Read More


Upgrading Biting The Bullitt’s Safety Equipment With Impact

Racing is about safety first, and before our Biting The Bullitt Mustang hits the track, we install new SFI-approved driver restraints and a parachute from Impact Racing, along with a new driving suit and helmet. Read More


StangTV Exclusive: First Look At The 2015 ROUSH Mustang Lineup

ROUSH Performance sent us exclusive photos and details on their version of the 2015 Mustang. Check out the new packages which will include both the EcoBoost and GT, with aggressive styling and performance to match. Read More


Mustangs Podium At Circuit of the Americas In Texas Rain

In spite of rain on parts of the track, while the rest of the surface stayed dry, the latest stop on the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge series proved exciting. Check out our complete recap and gallery. Read More


Graham Goode Racing Gives A Big Power Boost to the Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST gets boost in performance from United Kingdom based Graham Goode Racing. Taking the high performing supermini hatchback to another level in street and track performance with a simple package. Read More

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Road Blog: Day 3 Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour

Stormy weather, rain showers, even hail couldn't stop the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour and Team Mustang Girls as they made their way through day three of their trek from California to Texas. Read More


Clutches Explained: ACT, McLeod Racing, and SPEC Weigh In

For the performance enthusiast, there are many options in the clutch market. In this article, we spend some time with three of the biggest clutch manufacturers to find out what makes them different. Read More


Build Spotlight: Fred Henson’s Texas Twister Mustang Cobra Jet

With a level of detail that could have it easily mistaken for a show car, MR2 has built Fred Henson an incredible Cobra Jet for NHRA Super Stock competition. The car stole the show in the pits at the US Nationals. Read More

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Road Blog: Day 2 GoodGuys Hall of Fame Road Tour

Captain of Team Mustang Girls, Courtney Barber is on the road, running coast to coast, and taking part in the Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour. Check out the sites and stops of day two in her latest blog. Read More


Time Is Running Out to Enter to Win High Performance 2014 Fiesta ST

Ford Racing Endurance Sweepstakes wants to give you a high performance 2014 Fiesta St. Powered by the 1.6 liter Ecoboost, these angry little beast is not only high performance but fuel efficient as well. Read More


Mustang Girl Monday: Kacey Tarwater and Her Green Beast

Kacey Tarwater has loved cars, trucks, and motorcycles since her childhood. She and her high school sweetheart are dedicated Mustang fans, and this Gotta Have It Green GT is their latest project car. Read More


Video: First Drag Tests Of Modified 2015 Mustang GT And EcoBoost

Less than a week after we got our first taste of the 2015 Mustang from the driver's seat, Ford Racing tempts us with an all new video taking the EcoBoost and Mustang GT into the 12s, 11s, and 10s at the drag strip. Read More


Kenne Bell’s BIGUN Blower For V8-Powered S197 Mustangs

Kenne Bell now offers this new 4.7-liter Roots-type supercharger for V8-powered S197 Mustangs. From Shelbys to Coyotes, you'll be packing a lot of heat under the hood to take out the competition. Read More

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Hyundai Tiburon Turned Ford Mustang = Tibustang-Ugliest Tribute Ever

Meet the Tibustang. It's a Hyundai Tiburon V6 Coupe, located in Seville, Spain, and it has been turned into a fifth-generation Ford Mustang replica with lots of love and bondo. Read More

Mustang Race

Video: Terminator-Swap Cobra Vs. Hellion Turbo Coyote

A heads-up race between two powerful Mustangs is always interesting, especially two different platforms with two different power adders. Watch this race between a Terminator-swap Cobra and twin-turbo Coyote Mustang. Read More

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Road Blog: Goodguys Hall Of Fame Road Tour With Team Mustang Girls

Team Mustang Girls found a reason to head cross country, and they found it in the Good Guys Hall of Fame Road Tour, check out day one as Courtney heads out with 34 other drivers on a cross-country adventure. Read More


Video: LateModelRestoration.com Tests VMP Stage 4 Kit For The GT500

LateModelRestoration shows how a stage four kit from VMP Tuning and an afternoon of turning wrenches can get a '13-'14 GT500 cranking out 100 more horsepower to the rear tires. Best of all it's easily installed. Read More


Video: Go Inside RoushYates Racing and Drool!

A new video from Ford Racing goes inside the shop at RoushYates Racing Engines for a quick look at the detailed work and dedicated employees who build and service Ford's NASCAR teams. Check it out! Read More