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Race Oil or Regular Oil -Which Does Your Mustang Need?

Just because you have racing parts on your Mustang doesn't mean that you necessarily need to run racing oil. We talk with Driven Racing Oil about when to run a street oriented oil and when racing oil is necessary. Read More


Derale Performance: PWM Electric Fan Controller Installation

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers reduce cooling fan speed instead of turning the fan off completely. We installed Derale's PWM to maintain a steady coolant temperature without constant fluctuations. Read More


ebay Find: One Of Saleen’s Factory-Backed R-Model Race Cars For Sale

Check out a piece of road-racing history - the Saleen 21R car from 1988, back when General Tire was involved with Saleen's SCCA efforts. It's for sale - are your pockets deep enough? Read More


Edelbrock Offers Overdrive Damper For Ford 5.0L Coyote

Check out this new overdrive harmonic damper from Edelbrock. It's designed to be used in Coyote supercharged applications. Read More


Installing Ed Quay’s Sheetmetal Wing On Biting The Bullitt

Improving the on-track stability of Project Biting The Bullitt came down to one important variable – directing the airflow properly over the rear of the car. Read More


Lighter F-150 Shows Ford Could Have Made ’15 Mustang Weigh Less

Ford has released pricing data on the new F-150. In-spite of its aluminum body the price of the truck is only increasing by around one-percent. So why wasn't the '15 Mustang treated to more weight saving measures? Read More


Increasing Serpentine Blower Pulley Grip With Carbinite

We get supercharger belt slip under control on Project Biting The Bullitt with help from Carbinite's blower pulley coating. Check out the details of this unique and proven system right here. Read More


Video: A Look At Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Missile Fox

Vaughn Gittin Jr's Fox Missile drift car uses a surprisingly simple formula to take advantage of what Gititn says is the best kept secret in drifitng, the Fox body Mustang. Read More


Installing An Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System On Our Fox Body

Tuning up our Fox Body's fuel supply is a simple process – Aeromotive's Stealth fuel system provided everything we needed with one part number. Engine not supplied. Read More


Mustang Girl Monday Summer Finds Her Candy

Summer's hot, and so is her Mustang. These two couldn't be a better match for a late July Mustang Girl Monday. So check out Summer and Candy right here! Read More


How It’s Made: Lunati Crankshafts

The crankshaft is the centerpiece of any high-performance engine build. Learn what sets a true performance crank apart from factory components. Read More


Op Ed: Don Creason -The Mustang Every Day Theory

Editor Creason takes a step back and evaluates the merits of taking an old car in a new direction as a daily driver, or continuing to make due behind the wheel of a soul-stealing mini-van. Read More


Dean Martin Wins World Challenge In Toronto On Forgeline Wheels

The Pirelli World Challenge series is humming along and the Mustangs continue to run at the front of the pack, with four of a possible six spots on the podium in two races last weekend in Toronto. Read More


High Performance Ignition Coil Options From Pertronix

We take a look at the Pertronix line of ignition coils that covers everything form upgrades for a classic car to modern modular engine coil on plug ignition systems. Read More

Paul Lee

The Softer Side Of McLeod Racing

The crew at McLeod Racing have proven to us many times over the years that they support the community. Here is another example of their community leadership. Read More


Video: Remembering Tim Allen and Jay Leno’s Burnout Contests

Remember when late night TV was still fun to watch, and comedians were car guys? Check out this relic we dug up of the first in a series of burnout contests between Tim Allen and Jay Leno. Read More


Check Out Canton Racing’s New Billet Spin-On Oil Filter Design

Want to inspect your oil at the track, or after a hard night at the local cruise? Check out this serviceable billet oil filter from Canton Racing Products! We put one on BlownZ and it's the bee's knees. Read More

1969 Mustang GT 351 coupe

Man Finds “Miracle Mustang” And Plans On Giving It A Restoration

This "Miracle Mustang" has spent the last 12 years in a Texas cow pasture and has survived both hurricanes and wild fires. It is finally getting a long overdue restoration. Read More


2015 Mustang Soundtrack Released

All new 2015 Mustang Soundtrack released. Ford Sound Engineer refines traditional pony rumble in the three powertrain line up. Taking the traditional pony voice to a new level with three distinct pony sounds. Read More


Road Blog: Mustang Week with Team Mustang Girls

Team Mustang Girls made it to Mustang week after already trekking cross-country twice this year. Check out the show from the perspective of TMG's Courtney Barber in her latest Road Blog. Read More