Capaldi Racing Announces Partnership with Roush Performance

Capaldi Racing announces new partnership with Roush Performance and outlines driver line up for 2015. Read More


2015 Mustang Lighting Upgrade: Making The New Mustang Stand Out

Looking to spice up that new Mustang, but don't want to spend a ton of dough and be working on it for a week? We check out the quick and easy visual makeover options from Big Worm Graphix for the all new pony car. Read More


Video: EcoBoost Mustang Exhaust Upgrade With LateModelRestoration

Exhaust is one of the most popular upgrades Mustang owners perform on their cars. In this video LateModelRestoration, installs a Ford Performance Sport Axle Back exhaust on a 2015 EcoBoost and dyno tests it. Read More

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PRI 2014: Vortech Upgraded Billet Impellers Make More Power

Vortech is hitting the streets and racetracks of America hot and heavy with their new billet-impeller YSi and Xi supercharger designs. Also new this year is an EcoBoost Mustang intercooler. Read More


Specs For Special Edition Freddy Van Beuren Mustang Finally Known

Special Edition Freddy Van Beuren Mustang performance package recently surfaces with reports post enhancements this special edition horse will drop 700 HP to the pavement with only fifty units in production. Read More


Our Ford Performance Vehicles Wish List For The Next Five Years

Ford has said they rolling out numerous new Ford Performance vehicles over the next five years. We take a look at what you should expect in the near future, and what's on our wish list for the years to come. Read More

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360-Degree Review: Miller MIG/ TIG Welders And Plasma Cutter

We recently upgraded equipment in our shop and performed a review on Miller's Millermatic 211 AS, Millermatic 252, Syncrowave 210, and the Spectrum 225 X-Treme plasma cutter. See what our experts had to say. Read More

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PRI 2014: DynoJet’s 3rd-party Controllers For Precise Dyno Tuning

DynoJet is making life easier for vehicle tuners by integrating select 3rd-part controllers into its Power Core software. That means the tuner can see more vehicle information during the dyno run to spot problems. Read More


PRI 2014: World Products’ Complete Engine Kits; Erson Custom Cams

World Products is offering brand-new complete engine kits, while Erson Cams has a handle on what it takes to build a custom camshaft. More details on both are inside. Read More


PRI 2014: Fel-Pro’s Gasket Expertise, and Real World Testing Methods

We took some time at the PRI show to chat with Federal Mogul about gasket technology, and the importance of the Fel-Pro Field Test Garage, where their products are put through real world testing by employees. Read More


PRI 2014: Deatschwerks Introduces DV2 Injectors and DW400 Pump

Deatschwerks was showing off their 1,500cc DV2 injectors, based on the latest technology, during the PRI show. They were also showing off their super high flowing DW400 in-tank fuel pump that will be released soon. Read More


PRI 2014: PBM’s Motown LS Hybrid Block, New SBF Casting Upgrades

What if you could take the best of two blocks and merge them together? Well, that's exactly what PBM did with the Motown II LS block. In addition, PBM has made their 9.500 small-block Ford block even stronger. Read More


Video: CJ Pony Parts Installs Air Lift Suspension On 2013 GT500

Watch as CJ Pony Parts and Air Lift Performance work together to install an air spring suspension kit on a Ford Mustang GT500. It fits 2005 to 2014 models, but a 2015 Mustang application is on its way! Read More


2015 Mustang Comes To Sydney Austrailia To Ring In The New Year

Ford is celebrating the 2015 Mustang coming to Australia by helping ring in the new year in front of an estimated audience of over a billion people worldwide. Find out how to win a trip to see it live right here. Read More

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PRI 2014: PRW Offering Three Dampers; Debuts Billet Water Pump

PRW is bringing back its line of street and race dampers, offering three different versions. The company also showed off a new billet electric water pump. Check out the details in the story and video. Read More


Video PRI 2014: Stack’s LCD Motorsports Display is a Clear Winner

Stack Gauges has released a new LCD Motorsports Display that is one of the brightest and clearest on the market. If you have a performance vehicle where quickly reading telemetry is crucial, this may be for you! Read More


PRI 2014: Dynocom’s Dynamometers Provide Flexibility And Simplicity

Dynocom Industries had a wide range of their dynamometer products and affiliated products on display at PRI this year. They offer numerous products to make the tuner's life simpler. Read More

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PRI 2014: QuickJack By Ranger Is The Must Have Product For DIY’ers

QuickJack portable lifting system makes vehicle maintenance convenient and lightning fast. Stores easily and compact enough that you can take it with you. Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer. Read More

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Video: With Over 50 Cobras, Just Call Him Mr. Cobra

Lynn Parks is Mr. Cobra. Meet the King of Shelby Cobras, besides Carroll himself, of course. Lynn likely knows more about the Shelby Cobra than anyone else since he's been collecting them for decades and owns 50. Read More


An In-Depth Look At Valve Spring Technology With Manley Performance

There's more to a valve spring than a twisted piece of steel - much more. Manley Performance explains some of the finer points about valvespring construction, and uncovers performance advantages as well. Read More