Magnaflow Releases Exhaust Systems For 2015 Mustangs

The 2015 Mustang gets a big pick-me-up courtesy of Magnaflow this season. New exhaust systems for the 2.3L EcoBoost, 3.7L V6, and 5.0L V8 are now available. Check 'em out! Read More


Ford Performance Says There’s Big Performance In EcoBoost Tuning

Ford Performance says there's an emerging market in EcoBoost Tuning, and notes that they see big performance gains from minor work to the Mustang, and other EcoBoost models tune with aftermarket controllers. Read More


Automedia Takes A Look At Replacing Mustang Weatherstripping

Mustang weatherstripping takes a beating from the elements, and its one of the top selling restoration products for both classic and newer Mustangs. Its also a relatively easy repair that can be completed quickly. Read More


Gone In 60 Seconds Eleanor Goes Unsold

With amazement the only drivable Gone In 60 Seconds Eleanor Mustang goes unsold at recent Mecum Auction. Having sold for one million in 2013 Eleanor was expected to give a star studded showing with record bidding. Read More


One of One 50th Anniversary Mustang Being Raffled To Fight Cancer

Helping to fight cancer Prostate Cancer Canada’s Rock the Raffle is giving away a one of kind 50th Anniversary Mustang with an all new appearance and performance upgrade package to one lucky winner. Read More


Low Mileage Mint Condition ’84 Mustang GT Convertible Is A Rare Find

Unmolested Fox body Mustangs continue to be increasingly difficult to locate. Low mileage examples can demand a premium, such as this latest find a 1984 Mustang GT convertible for sale at RK Motors Charlotte. Read More

superf3 2 copy

PRI 2014: Next Generation WinDyn Software Coming From SuperFlow

The next version of SuperFlow's popular WinDyn data acquisition software is scheduled to be released next year. Check out the video to learn more and take a peek at more SuperFlow products. Read More


Side By Side: First Look At The Voodoo Engine Compared With Coyote

We got our first look today under the hood of the 2016 GT350 in a video that Ford released. To the casual observer this may look like a Coyote without the covers, we go a little deeper to see what's different. Read More


Video: Go Under The Hood of The GT350 With Ford’s Winter Testing

Go under the hood of the GT350 with Ford’s winter testing video just released. Most likely the final tuned version of the highly guarded Voodoo engine can be seen in latest footage. Read More


Video: 1,000 HP LSX-Swapped Mustang Destroys A Turbocharger!

We've seen a lot of explosions in our day here at Dragzine, but this one by an LSX-swapped Mustang at the "All Out Call Out" race in New Mexico definitely takes the cake on turbocharger explosions. Read More


Perfect Storm of Ford Performance Vehicles and Cheap Gas Is Looming

With gas prices plummeting, and Ford about to launch 12 new performance vehicles over the next five years, it could be the beginning of a perfect storm of performance, and a new Total Performance era. Read More

The All-new Shelby GT350 Mustang

First 2016 GT350 Will Be Auctioned For Charity At Barret-Jackson

Ford recently announced it's working with Barrett-Jackson to auction off the very first 2016 Ford GT350 Mustang to roll off the line. Proceeds from the sale go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Read More


Bassani Xhaust Introduces Long Tube Headers For 2015 5.0L Mustangs

Bassani Xhaust has wasted no time in making exhaust upgrades possible for your brand new 2015 5.0L Mustang. Long tube headers for your ride are now available, and will enhance both performance and sound. Read More

Cop Stangs 8

Hemmings Find – Two 1982 SSP Mustang Cop Cars Are Up For Grabs

Cop car 'Stangs were considered ferocious back in the day with a whopping 157 HP 2-barrel 5.0L V-8! The SSP prototype and engineering mule are for sale in Tennessee, with a $21K price tag for the pair. Hit or miss? Read More


Mustang Girl Monday: Amanda Galvan Grows Up With A Love of Mustangs

Amanda Galvan grew up loving Mustangs, even working with her father to restore a family member's classic Mustang when she was just a kid. Today she's living her dream and hopes to own a few more. Read More


A ’68 Mustang Named Gracie-A Dedicated Family Affair

Often times we get caught up in what makes a car physically different, but in most cases, what makes a car truly stand out from the rest goes directly back to its story. Such is the case for this '68 Mustang! Read More


NMRA Announces VP Racing Fuels As Street Outlaw Class Sponsor In ’15

The NMRA has announced the addition of VP Racing Fuels as the Official Fuel of the NMRA Ford Nationals Series and the required Spec Fuel for all heads-up classes, with title sponsorship of the Street Outlaw class. Read More


Capaldi Racing Announces Partnership with Roush Performance

Capaldi Racing announces new partnership with Roush Performance and outlines driver line up for 2015. Read More


2015 Mustang Lighting Upgrade: Making The New Mustang Stand Out

Looking to spice up that new Mustang, but don't want to spend a ton of dough and be working on it for a week? We check out the quick and easy visual makeover options from Big Worm Graphix for the all new pony car. Read More


Video: EcoBoost Mustang Exhaust Upgrade With LateModelRestoration

Exhaust is one of the most popular upgrades Mustang owners perform on their cars. In this video LateModelRestoration, installs a Ford Performance Sport Axle Back exhaust on a 2015 EcoBoost and dyno tests it. Read More