Video: More Shelby GT350-R Exhaust Goodness At Grattan Raceway

Today we share with you another video of the Shelby GT350-R, showcasing nothing but the pure sound of that sweet, 5.0 liter flat-plane crank V8 exhaust screaming at 8,000 rpm. Can you handle it? Read More

Joe Charles 2

Coyote Stock at NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Just Became Really Interesting

The multi-time NMRA champion Tim Matherly jumps into the Coyote Stock ranks after purchasing Joe Charles' ride. Not only that, but could Bruce Hemminger be timing his reintroduction at the same race?! Read More


Video: CJ Pony Parts Easy Boost Gauge Upgrade For 2015 Mustang GT

If you own a 2015 Mustang GT and either have already installed forced induction, or are planning to do so in the near future, we've got the boost gauge solution for you via a quick and easy video from CJ Pony Parts. Read More


Bill’s Blog: Are Forums A Dying Breed Replaced By Social Media?

CJ Pony Parts' resident Mustang guru Bill Tumas talks about the changes in social media as they relate to the Mustang world over the past 25 years or so. Are forums dead? Is Facebook king? What about Instagram? Read More


Helmet Cam Hot Laps From The Shelby GT350R

The GT350R hits the track for a test drive, and the lucky guy who posted this video to YouTube was able to ride along with his helmet camera turned on. The performance and noise are intoxicating. Read More


Video: AEM Electronics’ AEMData Drag Race Template Computer Setup

Setting up the drag race template in your AEMData software is a simple process that takes moments, and allows you access to a wealth of datalogged information. Walk through the process here. Read More


Boosting The 2015 Mustang GT With Vortech’s V3-Si Supercharger

Superchargers remain a popular upgrade for Mustangs and the 2015 is no different. Vortech was one of the first out of the gate with a supercharger system for the all new S550, we install and dyno test it right here. Read More


Preview: LS3 vs Coyote Budget Engine Shootout–Updated!

The Coyote and LS3 are two of the key components of the reemerging musclecar era. They are separated by only a few horsepower in factory form-if we built budget versions of both, who would win? Inside are the rules. Read More

Top Notch Fox-Body 2

Craigslist Find: Creations n’ Chrome’s Top Notch 1986 Fox Body

This L.A. Craigslist find is a recognizable Creations n' Chrome build, a 1986 Fox body notch dubbed Top Notch that has graced multiple SEMA shows. Perhaps the ultimate Fox body build of all time is now up for sale. Read More


CP-Carrillo Introduces New 4.6L Ford Modular Bullet Rods‏

Race ready straight out of the box! CP-Carrillointroduces new high-performance connecting rod for 4.6 liter Modular Ford engines under their Bullet Brand. Check 'em out! Read More


Reloaded Part 1: Reviving a 2001 Bullit with an Engine Swap

Our plan is to return this Bullitt to the street, and a better life than it was accustomed to. The first thing to do was to swap in a fully-operational engine, and give the car a good cleaning. Read More


Daniel Lundy’s Totally Redone SSP Fox-Body Notch

Daniel Lundy's ex-patrol SSP Fox-body has been restored inside and out. Check out this super clean notch that was once used to patrol the roads. Read More


Video: Piston To Valve Clearance On ’85-’95 Mustangs With A 302/351

Are you in the process of building your '85-'95 302 or 351? Then you'll want to watch this video. Late Model Restoration shows us how to measure the piston to valve clearance the right way. Read More


Ford GT Baffles Londoners Who Mistake It For A European Exotic

Onlookers in London try to figure out exactly what car the new Ford GT is. The answers posed to this question are comical, confusing, and in some cases downright hilarious. Read More

GT350 Performance Shift Light Indicator

Shelby GT350 Gets Customizable Shift Light Inspired By Road Racing

The Shelby GT350 will come with a customizable Performance Shift Light indicator as a way to optimize performance without taking your eyes off the track. Its some very cool tech making its way to the Mustang. Read More

1970 Mustang Boss 429 shell

We Don’t Think This 1970 Mustang Boss 429 Is Worth Six Figures

Mustang Boss 429s are among the fastest and rarest of all classic Mustangs. Normally these cars fetch six figures at auction, but we have strong reason to believe this one won't fetch that much. Read More

CPP Shock Tower Brace kit

CPP Introduces 1965-66 Ford Mustang Shock Tower Brace Kit

Classic Performance Products has released their new Shock Tower Brace Kit for 1965-66 Ford Mustangs that will strengthen and improve chassis rigidity and overall vehicle handling. Check it out here! Read More

Mustang Week 2016 1

Mustang Week Dates Set for 2016 Event: July 18th -24th

The dates for the annual event were recently confirmed. Make your plans now to be at the most exciting Mustang event of the year. You don't want to miss Mustang Week 2016. Read More


Video: Ordering Custom Moser Rearend Housings

Moser Engineering helps explain to custom builders how to accurately measure for a custom rearend housing, identify housing ends and pinion offset, along with filling out the Moser housing order form in this video. Read More


New Foxbody Headers from Stainless Works

Stainless Works is now offering Foxbody Mustang headers that will give your car an unmistakable roar and offer many features that outperform the competition. Check them out here! Read More