Neiman Marcus Advertises 700 Horsepower AWD Mustang By Mistake

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus always goes over-the-top with its Christmas Catalog, but this 700 horsepower AWD Mustang is too ambitious even for them. Read More


Ringbrothers To Unveil A Wild Pair Of Mustangs At SEMA This Fall

Ringbrothers usually create a lot of controversy with their builds; purists cringe and the rest stand in awe of the creative touch they apply to each car they roll out. This Pair of Mustangs will be no different. Read More


Video: Focus RS Documentary Pt. 2 Focuses On Design and Development

Part 2 of Rebirth of an Icon: Focus RS, follows the design team and performance guru Ken Block as the RS exterior and interior design is finalized to maximize airl-fow and aerodynamics before production. Read More


Ford Is Driving Technology Into the Future, But to Where?

We aren't too far removed from the day when we'll be able to talk to our watches and have our cars come pick us up at the front door of the store. Ford's smartwatch app already lets us know "Dude! Where's my car?" Read More


2015 Mustang Sales Continues To Trample Camaro, Challenger

The 2015 Mustang continues to dominate the sports car sales charts, almost outselling both the Camaro and Challenger in September combined. Can the Mustang keep it up, or will the new Camaro crash the party? Read More


Between The Joints: Installing A Carbon Fiber Driveshaft From QA1

Carbon fiber has been used in a variety of motorsports, from kart racing to formula one. QA1 now offers carbon fiber driveshafts that can withstand up to 2,000 horsepower and up to 1,500 lb-ft or torque. Read More


Ron Francis iStart System: Going Keyless On A Classic Musclecar

The Ron Francis iStart keyless vehicle starting system can be added to just about any vehicle, providing some of the cooler modern technology of the 21st century to our classic musclecar. Read More


Video: Building The 2017 Ford GT For The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

The 2017 Ford GT was built with the same singular purpose as the GT40, and that's to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans...again. Can Ford pull it off with fewer cylinders, twin turbos, and carbon fiber skin? Read More

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.11.34 AM copy

Mark Williams Enterprises Racing Calculators Eliminate The Guesswork

Whether you're constructing a new project or race car, or are busy making your plans for next season and know some changes are in order, these calculators from Mark Williams Enterprises can provide valuable data. Read More


ProCharger Shows The ’15 V6 Mustang Some Love

ProCharger is no stranger to the previous generation Mustangs, including the V6 models. If you're looking to turn your V6 equipped '15 Mustang into a 1,200 horsepower capable beast, you need to check this out. Read More


Germany’s Alphamale Performance Bringing Widebody Mustang To SEMA

Alphamale Performane is bringing a custom widebody 2015 Mustang to the SEMA show this year, and they're keeping the car under wraps until the big show. Read More


Mickey Thompson Propels Radial Cars Into 3s With New Pro Drag Radial

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels is expanding their market with the newest tire on the racing market, the 3062R Pro Drag Radial. Check out how the new tire performed at No Mercy VI! Read More


4th Energy Suspension NMCA WEST Street Car Nationals Test And Tune

VP Racing Fuels NMCA WEST season hit the strip at Fontana towards the end of September, and we spent the day Friday for the Test and Tune sessions and spoke to a couple of drivers about their experiences. Read More


Ecoboost Mustang Appeals To Younger Buyers In SoCal

With the sixth generation Mustang hitting showroom floors only a year ago, the newest model Mustang which is the Ecoboost, is proving to be a competitive option for younger buyers in the Southern California area. Read More


Helmet Selection, How Much Is Your Head Worth?

Modern helmet technology has come a long way in the last 50 years, leather caps have given way to space-age composites. Take a look at some of the considerations when selecting a helmet, manufacturing, and testing. Read More


The Story Of 16: VP Racing Fuels’ X16 vs C16 vs Q16

A comparison of VP Racing Fuels' C16, X16, and Q16. What makes them different from each other, and which is the one that will most benefit your drag car? The answers are inside. Read More

Chris Payne 3V Swap

Are Three-Valve 4.6-liters The Red-Headed Stepchild Of Engine Swaps?

When it comes to mod motor swaps into older Mustangs, the 3-valve engine from the 2005-2009 GTs don't seem to be as popular as the new 5.0L Coyote or the 2003-2004 Cobra "Terminator" engine swaps. Read More


Handling Upgrades For S197 Mustangs With Maximum Motorsports

While it was the best handling production Mustang to date, even the '12-'13 Boss suffers from many of the same cornering maladies as the standard S197 chassis. We set out to correct those with Maximum Motorsports. Read More


Will History Repeat Itself With The Mach 1 Replacing The GT?

With the recent rumors of the Mach 1 reappearing in 2018 for the sixth generation Mustang, we wanted to share our opinion on why we think Ford is bringing the car back for good this time. Read More


Inaugural K&N Factory Car Show Is This Friday

The inaugural K&N Factory Car Show is coming this Friday, October 9! All makes, models and years are welcome. Come out to K&N headquarters. Read More

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